Thursday, March 3, 2011

Busy Busy!

We've been busy busy busy this past week!

Russ has been getting up every morning at 5am to make the trek WAY across town to hit the gym before work. I've been in an organizing craze, plus still doing random sewing projects for fun, trying to finish up stuff for Brooklyn's birthday, hit the gym as often as I can (not very...but try to make it to my favorite classes at least!), running to a zillion appointments, getting stuff ready for Brooklyn to go to school starting in July, AND manage to keep my kids fed. :D

Luckily, I have been feeling a bit better, so I get many more moments like these:

Ahhh, I cannot even begin to express how much I love these two. They have been SO patient and understanding with me through all of this health stuff.

Yes. That is the dog in the car. She was in the backyard and saw the car window open. She did what any other sane dog would do and scaled the fence, jumped through the window and plopped herself into the car seat where it is MUCH hotter than it was outside (this was on the warmest day we've had in a long time--it hit 80!). Dorky dog.

Like I mentioned before, I am on an organizing kick. I have one organizational task each week to complete. However, once I start in on one thing, then I notice how other things drive me crazy, so I start tackling them too. one project this week is to re-pot my aloe plant. That's it. And is it done? No. But these are...

The above photos are the Before and After of Sam's (AKA - the junk closet) closet. I am floored by how much space is in there now!! And how much better I feel when I walk in there--I never get that "oh crap, what's going to fall on me" feeling when I open the closet. Now it's a "hmm, what shall I make today?" feeling.

And I forgot to take a Before of Brooklyn's closet, but it was bad. Not as bad as Sam's because I'd at least tried to containerize things, just with bags and boxes though. This is MUCH more streamlined and actually works REALLY well because the kids can see what they have available to play with and they actually can PUT IT AWAY THEMSELVES!!!! I need to get photos of toys to put on each box, but that'll have to wait for another week.

I haven't really done any big sewing projects recently--just finishing things and starting new little ones. I finally put buttons on my duvet cover to keep it closed, woot! And started making pacifier clips for my soon-to-be-arriving nephew, but don't have all of the supplies I need. Started making some felt play food to go along with the kids' tea set, but thus far only have 2 eggs and a few pieces of spinach. Alas.

I did raid my Goodwill pile for any clothes that I could re-purpose though. I was SO excited to turn a button down shirt of Russ's that I really liked into a button down shirt for Sam. Alas, I got almost to the end, didn't pay attention to where I was cutting annnnnd, yeah, scratch that project.

This is a skirt I got from a friend, but is too short for me. Now it's the perfect twirling skirt for Brooklyn!

A college friend of mine put a tutorial on her blog about how to re-purpose too-small footy PJs. Get this, these are 24 MONTH PAJAMAS...Sam wears 4T. HA! I had these footy PJs and a pair of PJ pants. Snip snip, cut the legs off the pants and put them on the PJs, will be turning the pants into pajama shorts. Woo hoo!

Yay, finally something for me! This is the same tutorial that I used to make Brooklyn's giraffe print skirt. Super easy. I wasn't going to do the ribbon trim, but it would have been too short otherwise. And go figure, I go to give it the finishing ironing touches and burn the stinkin' ribbon. Oh well, I'm sure I'm the only one that'll really notice.

Brooklyn had a bunch of too-small pants, so she is set for shorts for this summer now! (And yes, those are the pant legs on her arms...I had asked her to model for me and she put them on her arms and shook it for me.)

And lastly, threw this quick crown together for Brooklyn's birthday. She looooves red and picked out the big jewel buttons on the flowers, but she didn't know what any of it was for. So, I'm sure she'll be sporting this all Saturday.