Saturday, January 28, 2012

This week in the Teeter house.

So, this week we did some experimenting... Both kids had to try this (neither relying on the results form the other). Oranges are juicy right...why not use a straw?!

We went rappelling (with Mommy's scarf, now turned bungee cord/leash/rope).

We built a swing (this was taken after Sam was outside by himself swinging...stopped...pulled his pants down and sat down in his undies to swing. He then pulled his pants up after this and kept swinging. I asked him if he was testing the differences. "Yes. It's colder when you're only in your undies." Duly noted.).

Comics were read.

Sam is a huge fan of the show How It's Made and begs to watch it every day. Lucky us, Netflix has THIRTEEN SEASONS on Instant Watch. It's funny because he will often say randomly throughout the day, "Huh, I wonder how this is made." Everything from balloons to forks to bath toys...

It rained. It was cold, but Brooklyn braved it. I had to laugh because when I went out to check on her (doesn't she look lonely?! Turns out she was just having "quiet time".), my neighbor said as he's hoping in his truck to take his kids to school, "I told her to stay out of the water and stay clean for you." I thanked him and as he drove away I said, "Brooklyn, get as wet and dirty as you want, babe."

Brooklyn loves to make breakfast for us (lucky me!!). She truly is a master chef when it comes to eggs and toast! She can do 100% of it by herself. I love hearing her in the morning, "Mom, Sam, your breakfast is ready!" Ahhhh...

Darcy, this photo is for you! Here's our "train". It's quite awesome in fact...especially when it's Russ that's pulling it!

I put labels on the kids dresser drawers this week. Not sure what took me so long to do it because it helps SO much. The kids had a hay day grabbing all of their clothes out of the clean clothes piles and at first stuffed them in their drawers. But then Brooklyn says, "Hey, check out how I fold mine!" Then Sam said, "I can do that too!" And they spent a half hour folding and putting their clothes away!! I was wondering if I should pinch myself in case I was dreaming...

There was a tea party. But first, all of the tea party dishes had to be washed...of course. (Note the absence of a mirror above the sink...yeah, that's the one that I broke into a million pieces. Helloooooo 7 years of bad luck!)

Tea party! She even made me an invitation, made treats and filled up everyone's teacups.


Sam taught my couch cushions a lesson....again.

Goodbye you disgusting, non-functioning dishwasher...

Helloooooo shiny new one that works fantastically!!

Eggs were peeled...

...and sliced. (and eaten.)

More balloon fun!

More rainy days! ...complete with a floating boat.

This is one of those little moments that you want to fold up and put in your pocket to keep for forever. Sam and I were playing with his puzzles. He would make a pattern and I would say it. Soon enough he started trying to "trick" me by messing up the pattern. I would say it in an incredulous way and this kid was all but rolling on the floor in laughter. I haven't seen him in such gut-busting laughter in a long time. It was so freaking sweet.

Brooklyn's rope finally arrived!! I cannot tell you how many stinking hours she has spent with this thing this week. Directly after opening this, we went outside (approximately noon), and came back in at 5pm. It was the same for the next day. And the next.

Grrr, my pictures are out of order. This is what Brooklyn's cardboard house looked like--I love the colors!

Chore charts were picked out and printed, we brainstormed about what chores should be done before cartoons/game playing in the mornings.

We had LOTS of fun with the Cuisinaire rods I ordered.

Sam loves to show off how fast he can sprint.

One of Brooklyn's MANY inventions...a chair swing.

We made some delicious (and healthy!) cookies, which turned out a bit too crumbly, so we made them into granola! YUM.

There was finger painting. Both kids knew exactly what they wanted. Brook wanted to paint only her left hand herself, and wanted me to do her right hand--blue nail polish with another coat of sparkles on top. Sam wanted ONLY blue on his right hand and ONLY sparkles on his left hand. Funny kids.

There were word puzzles. I forgot I'd bookmarked this website where you can make a bunch of your own word puzzles. Brooklyn LOVED these this week!!

I love weekends. Lately we've done a lot of just chilling out. It seems we all run and run all week we just want to stick around the house and be lazy all weekend. The boys were watching How It's Made and after an episode or two, this is what I found. I love my boys!!

There was some serious fashion going on...inside-out sweater, inside-out jeans, and rain boots (on a sunny day). I love my oh-so-fashionable kiddos!!

Other adventures this week:

-playing outside with the neighbor kids ALL.DAY.LONG.
-a visit to the Toyota dealership
-lots more experiments
-lots of games
-ninja fighting, arm wrestling, tree climbing, sprinting, scootering, biking, etc.
-sun prints
-holding breath under water
-plotting the path Brooklyn's rope took to get to her
-way more than I can actually write here, lol.

Noteable quotes this week:

Sam (overheard him talking to himself in the bathroom): "Fart, pee, fart, pee...hey, I MADE A PATTERN. MOM, COME LISTEN TO MY PATTERN!!!"

Brooklyn: “I have pretty good inventions don’t I?? I just squish my brain together and they pop out.”

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The One Where There Was A Wedding.


There was Charlie Sheen kissing. (Yes, I said Charlie Sheen. Apparently the selection was slim pickin's--Charlie Sheen or Justin Beiber. I'm not sure whether this selection speaks to the tastes of Wal-Mart or of the locals of Ephrata...)

There were fantastic hairdo's and mugshots.

There was a party in the hot tub. And that is all I am further allowed to speak of this event or I will be breaking some serious pinky swear oaths.


There was one happy bride and one happy groom.

There was a lot of hand holding and stolen kisses.

There was one happy boy (and said happy boy's parents--he will no longer be a bachelor forever!).

There was one hot couple!!


There were stories about the bride and groom.

There was laughter and tears from all.

There were gifts.

There were photos.

There was mingling.

And there was a piggy-back ride out to the car.


There was a beautiful home.

There was some fantastic decor.

There were candles and lights.

There were photos telling of a story about a boy and a girl that fell in love.

There was a dress.

There was a homemade paper bouquet.

There were goofy boys...ahem, men.

There was a cake cutting.

There was a vengeful wife...and luckily for Chris, a forgiving one.

There was a lot of family and friends.

There was a surprise dance.

There were stolen moments.

There were goodies for guests.

There were belly laughs with good friends.

There were rings.

And of course, there was a car.

Chris and Audrey, you guys are perfect not only together but also as a part of our family. Thank you for letting me be at your elbow through all of this to document those few wonderful days. I hope I can be there to document many more important days in your lives! I love you both so much!!!