Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas, Part II.

FINALLY! Time for Christmas #2 (of 3...)!! After celebrating with the Lybbert Clan on Christmas morning, we hopped into the van and sped over the mountains to Olympia and celebrate with the Teeter Clan (actually the Stitt Clan, since it's Verna's side of the family) at Auntie Suzy and Uncle Mike's farm!

As soon as we walked into the door, there were many squeezes and gifts and food being pushed into my childrens' outstretched hands. Of course my kids graciously accepted, "No Sam, THIS ONE IS MINE. BACK OFF." You know. Either way, they loved their light-up snowmen.

And check out those sweaters. Those are heirloom sweaters right there. Verna dug them out of a box--Russ and Corinne and their cousins wore them when they were Brook and Sam's age!! Love it. They wear them nearly every day.

See what I mean about the food? Overflowing. And what's pictured isn't even what I'd call a sample of what is available...I mean seriously, it takes us DAYS to become hungry again after visiting Suzy's. Mmmm...blueberry muffins....

The other attraction for the kids is of course the animals! If they couldn't be found indoors stuffing their faces and snuggling with various family members, they were outside chucking food at the chickens and cows, chasing the chickens and/or climbing (and sliding down) the well-house roof (and therefore destroying any pants they are wearing).


I believe the direct quote from Russ here is, "I poop in your eye." Sam's response? "Hehehe. Do it again."

Brooklyn and Sam finally got to meet Ryder, who is one fun little dude! My kids knew they were in good company when Ryder literally tackled them and wrestled them to the ground to say hello. He is two. After realizing that it was okay to wrestle this two-year old, they had much fun in being tackled. Every time.

Waiting for the present-opening to begin!

Sam got a marshmallow shooter (and a bag of marshmallows...yes, they were ALL used within approximately 15 minutes).

Sam and Ryder had a great time together.

As always, it's so good to have the whole family together...

...especially if it involves a White Elephant gift exchange.

Haha, I love Corinne's expression and being the proud new owner of 100 plastic hangers.

Somebody was getting a little worn out during all of the adult fun...

Someone's White Elephant gift was a tool and a set of mustaches. It was the coveted gift. That Corinne ended up getting, much to these girls' chagrin.

"Dude, check out my new laptop."

Brooklyn found herself someone to snuggle with--Russ's cousin Klint. And she refused to let him out of her sight until they pulled out of the driveway to go home.

And of course it wouldn't be a proper get-together without a group photo.

Until the next great gathering of Stitts!

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