Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just a normal Tuesday.

A chilly morning met with chores to get the blood pumping!
Bed making.
Getting dressed.
Teeth brushing.
Laundry. (the favorite of the Heathens)

Even though they asked and begged all morning to watch their movies from the library, they ended up playing "dogs" for hours. I was elected to be "the owner" and was requested to tie them both up with scarves and serve them sloppy eggs and toast on the floor. Done and done.

I was then instructed that Brooklyn needed to be taken outside on her leash. It was 26* out. Sure, fine. She made it to the van before deciding she'd taken a long enough "walk".

The dogs (known as "Sammy" and "Christmas Paws" (aka "Paws")) then decided to go camping in their tent in the middle of the living room and requested books.

45 minutes later, my butt was completely numb from sitting on the tile floor.

We've been talking a lot about roller coasters...we read a couple of books, watched some YouTube videos about them, talked about gravity, friction and energy, and played some games online about constructing them. I've hinted that there will be a field trip tomorrow, but haven't told them they are going to get to actually ride a roller coaster tomorrow. They're going to pee their pants with excitement when they find out. Neither have ever ridden one before, to my knowledge.

Got the mail. A Zootles magazine came. Brook and I snuggled up on the couch and read the Dolphins issue from cover to cover in about 10 minutes and decided that next time we'll get the actual Zoobooks magazine since it was way too easy/boring for her.

Sam declared Mommy kisses "yucky". Wah. :(


I was assaulted by two puppies, wrestled to the ground and licked all over my face. I'm sure they had good intentions, but their breath smelled like literal dog breath. Cough cough, gag gag. I love being covered in my childrens' spit. GAG GAG.

Brooklyn then decided to train for the Iditarod.

Brooklyn decides she wants to learn to sew (she BEGGED for her own sewing machine for Christmas, but was denied due to me thinking she was too young...yet again I was proven wrong). We spent the next hour and a half designing flags that we're going to string across the dining room. The first half hour wasn't bad--I was controlling the pedal, but then she requested to take the reigns completely and the half hour after that consisted of me turning blue from holding my breath... She quickly proved that she knew what she was doing though.

Sam took a break from his game to check out Brooklyn's progress and decided he wanted to give it a try as well. I underestimated how good of a learning tool a sewing machine can be. In choosing which design he wanted, he had to figure out the numbers and then press the button and find the numbers. Then he had to find the foot that that number required. And then there's the whole learning orders of operations and fine motor skills. He lasted for about a half hour, and by the end even he was doing it completely by himself (with me sitting approximately 6" from him, of course).

Brooklyn asked (for the millionth time) if she could borrow Russ's rope. He is adamant that they NOT use his rope. For anything. Ever. Don't ask me why, but it just makes Brooklyn want it more, of course. So I suggested that perhaps she should look into purchasing her own rope. We didn't find much looking online at Walmart, Target, or Ace Hardware. But we did find a 50' one on Amazon for $6.50 that the kids decided to cut in half so they can both have a 25' rope (which we measured out and the kids deemed the "perfect length"). Take THAT Daddy, I didn't really want your rope anyways.

Played a game of "Can You Copy My Funny Face" in which both children ended up rolling on the floor in fits of laughter.

Sam requested to be rolled up in a ball of tape...this is Stage 1.

We played Superman, running through the kitchen and flying onto the couch.

Potato soup for dinner. Brooklyn says, "YUM! My favorite soup!!" Sam about dies from hyperventilating from the fit he throws. "I DON'T WIKE POTATOES!!!" Seriously? Where is this kid even from??

To distract him from the horrible impending doom of dinner, Brooklyn got some ice balls the put in the freezer a few days ago (the original intention was to go bowling with them...). We busted out the salt and food coloring and they made their own ice sculptures.

After dinner I grabbed my crochet bag and zoomed out the door to my weekly crochet group at the local coffee joint for some much needed momma camaraderie! Phew! BRING ON TOMORROW!!

Quote of the day: "Sam, let's tie this around your waist instead of your neck. I don't want to kill you today."

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  1. I love you and your family. I can't wait to see you!