Thursday, March 8, 2012

The F-word.


As in, "Mom, lets get out of here...that girl is a freak.  She's looking for GRASSHOPPERS..."

Now I'm getting used to the odd looks and the occasional snide quips, but it's a different kind of hurt when someone says it about your kid.

Brooklyn absolutely loves making friends with random strangers.  I consider it a talent--one that I in no way came from me.  I love watching her do her thing and thrive off of a shared connection with another child as they run off playing Tag or Hide And Seek, a trail of giggles behind them.  But she has never once been up against the ominous Clique of Girls.

Well today was that day.  They were a bit older, but no more than a year (they said they were 6 1/2), and were talking about LMFAO, "Sexy And I Know It", and skinny jeans.  And then enters Brooklyn.

"Hi guys!  Want to try my pogo stick??"

Eye rolls.  Whispers.  They all turn their backs to her and walk away.

She kept trying, with different tactics--commenting on the music blaring from someones Ipod, or just standing there quietly, or inviting them to play different games.  They finally got sick of it and went to the head mom, who was sitting no more than 4 feet from me and made the original comment.  The mom stumbled for some words, talking about being nice and "just go play."

Reason #9471093 for homeschooling. 
Brooklyn has no clue who LMFAO is, what "Sexy And I Know It" is or even what skinny jeans are!  And it's okay--because she is SIX.  She should be hunting for grasshoppers, drawing in the dirt with sticks, playing Tag and having grass fights.  Not worrying about fitting in.

I asked her as we were leaving later on what she thought of the girls.  Her only comment was that they didn't seem to want to play with her--they just kept walking away.  That was it.  No frustration or resentment or irritation...although I am experiencing enough for both of us I think, lol.  Gotta love that momma-bear syndrome.

Anyway, in truth, this was about a half-hour out of an entirely fantastic day full of shaving cream fights, shaving cream art, running through the sprinklers, snorkeling in the tub, researching bengal tigers (the most dangerous large cat), grass fights, pogo-sticking, scootering, game playing, cartooning, imagining...

Therefore, venting done.  Off to snuggle and enjoy the rest of this great day!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pancakes, new toys, bicycle adventures...oh my.

It's been a great week!  Oftentimes when I go to write this blog up and it's been more than a day or two since the previous one, I have to go look in my journal and other places that I write about what we do throughout the day because we do SO MUCH.  There are times where I feel like all we do is sit around and watch cartoons, but come the end of that day, I look back and can't even remember everything we did!  All of the curious conversations, funny moments, and times of exploration.  And it kills me that I cannot record it ALL, I don't want to forget a single minute of it all!!

Anyway, here is a bit of what we've been up to this week:

-Scanning play dough in the scanner

-Reading comics

-Making a rug

-Attempting to build a "rain shelter" out of a laundry basket and some wood scraps

-Navigated through town (kids telling me which way to turn to get home)

-Library (of course!)

 -Dress-up and Yahtzee Jr. (cover your eyes for this one, Uncle Chris!! :P )

-Pippi Longstocking

-Learning how to handle broken glass

-Experiments with toothpaste


-Raisin hunting

-Sam made us pancakes

-And the kids wanted to eat them while cartooning.


 -Puzzles and Spirograph-ing

-Disassembling a plastic DVD case to figure out how it works

-Inspecting dissection tools, a sheep brain, kidney and heart, and a cow eyeball

-Brook was using my camera to take photos, but got frustrated that the external flash's battery wasn't recharging fast enough.

-Bed jumping

-Pillow-People costumes

-Discussing and Googling "sound waves"

-We got a carload of homeschooling supplies from another homeschooling family that is moving.  SO many fun things!  Looks like we won't be leaving the house this week either...sigh.

-This western fence lizard wanted to go home with Russ.

-Tree-climbing.  I mean really, how could you NOT climb this tree?!

-Brooklyn and our lizard buddy, having a quiet moment

-A visit to Lawrence Hall of Science (for Russ and the kids at least, I sat this one out and hit up the thrift store for some great finds!)

-Skeleton puzzle!


-Biking to Sycamore Valley park


-Dangerous inventions (they call this their DNA roller coaster)

...and that's all I can remember!

Life is good!