Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Pre-Gaming

On Christmas Eve, we decided to do an impromptu Christmas Eve breakfast with all of the family we could scrounge up. Luckily, everyone (minus West, of course, who is still serving his mission in Minnesota) was able to make it!

The kids had fun jumping on the iced-over trampoline for about 3.2 seconds.
I taught Brooklyn the art of sorting presents--by name, by height, be weight...she caught on real quick.

Chris and his (at the time) fiancee Audrey made most of the breakfast.

Okay, well...Chris was doing other things while teaching Brooklyn how to box. With a full bag of garbage.

Geez, this family is getting big!

Sam thought Jackson was fun to play with...until he realized that Jackson just wanted to look at him, crawl on him and stick his fingers in his mouth.

'Mom, come on, help a guy out here...'

Luckily, Sam really did like Jackson--he thought he was "so cute!" Dang right.

Of course we had to play games. Apparently Dene' plays Apples to Apples like there is no tomorrow...

Jackson's trying to get his head in the game, 'but I just can't keep these women off of me!'

Mom was getting a bit overwhelmed with 16 (right?) stockings to fill!

White Elephant time!!

West got the sister missionaries' white elephant gift!

(And for those of you wondering, yes that is in fact a cardboard cutout of West. Sort of. It's actually a cardboard cutout of George Bush...with West's head stuck on it...but that's another story.)

We all seemed to get gifts that suited us well--I got a key finder (you whistle and it makes noise and lights I can find where those rascals his my keys this time!), Russ got a pot and a limb of my parents' gigantic house plant that they've had since they got married (he thought it was so cool that he asked HIS parents for a clipping from their plants that they've had for forever!), Kenny got the edible body paint, Dad got the Trans-Siberian Orchestra CD, Audrey got the pantry organizer, and Chris...oh Chris. He got the nearly-all-eaten boxes of chocolates...complete with photo of Shelan actually eating the chocolates. Freaking awesome.

Then it was hurry-up-and-make-sure-you-have-everything-ready-for-Christmas-morning time, complete with background music from my talented sissy's.

Voila! Complete!

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