Sunday, January 22, 2012

The One Where There Was A Wedding.


There was Charlie Sheen kissing. (Yes, I said Charlie Sheen. Apparently the selection was slim pickin's--Charlie Sheen or Justin Beiber. I'm not sure whether this selection speaks to the tastes of Wal-Mart or of the locals of Ephrata...)

There were fantastic hairdo's and mugshots.

There was a party in the hot tub. And that is all I am further allowed to speak of this event or I will be breaking some serious pinky swear oaths.


There was one happy bride and one happy groom.

There was a lot of hand holding and stolen kisses.

There was one happy boy (and said happy boy's parents--he will no longer be a bachelor forever!).

There was one hot couple!!


There were stories about the bride and groom.

There was laughter and tears from all.

There were gifts.

There were photos.

There was mingling.

And there was a piggy-back ride out to the car.


There was a beautiful home.

There was some fantastic decor.

There were candles and lights.

There were photos telling of a story about a boy and a girl that fell in love.

There was a dress.

There was a homemade paper bouquet.

There were goofy boys...ahem, men.

There was a cake cutting.

There was a vengeful wife...and luckily for Chris, a forgiving one.

There was a lot of family and friends.

There was a surprise dance.

There were stolen moments.

There were goodies for guests.

There were belly laughs with good friends.

There were rings.

And of course, there was a car.

Chris and Audrey, you guys are perfect not only together but also as a part of our family. Thank you for letting me be at your elbow through all of this to document those few wonderful days. I hope I can be there to document many more important days in your lives! I love you both so much!!!

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