Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas, Part III.

Okay, last Christmas, I promise! This one was with just Russ's parents and us. Very low-key (apparent by The Heathens lack of clothing).

First things first...tattooing each child with their own Spirograph tattoo.

On to the presents!


Brooklyn: "Mom, we live by a skate park now--can we use these at the skate park??"
Me: lots of nervous laughter before asking what we'd all like for breakfast...

I'd been waiting for FOREVER to give Russ his gift. And I was so proud of myself for keeping it an actual secret!! For those of you who don't know Russ, he REALLY wants to get his pilot's license someday. Well, I found a Groupon for an hour of flight school and another hour of actual flying time. The catch was that we (it's for both him and I to go, although only he gets to fly...which is fine with me. I plan on sitting in the back with a barfbag the size of Europe in my lap) are 5 pounds over the combined flight weight. So I kept telling him that I got him a Spandex santa suit for Christmas and although he is doing FANTASTIC at exercising and eating well, keep at it!!

The best part? Verna had a Santa suit!! So I wrapped it up and put the Groupon receipt in the pocket of the pants. You should have seen his face when he opened the gift up to find an freaking real Santa suit. I told him he had to put it on so we could all see how it fit. He eventually found the Groupon. was pretty fun, and I'm really excited to go with him to use it one of these days.

In the last post, I mentioned how The Heathens love to slide down the roof of Auntie Suzy's pump house. It's a good thing Sam wore his crappy pants as they'll never be the same again. And I was floored to find that it even put holes in his underwear. Almost had to check his butt to see if there was damage there too! lol. Next time I think we'll put on 2 pairs of trash pants...

Brooklyn had been telling me all about this big blowup ball that she wanted for Christmas. Lo and behold, look what she got...

After awhile, we got an air compressor.

Gotta love static electricity! AND SHE HADN'T EVEN GOTTEN IN THE BALL YET!

It's finally pumped up and they're trying to figure out who is first. While they were busy figuring it out, I jumped in. Bwahahahah.

Sam received another stomp rocket (after destroying the one he got for his last birthday) and enjoys it to no end.

Racing scooters with Corinne.

Watch out world, here she comes!!

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