Saturday, November 6, 2010

This Week in the Teeter House.

This is what we've been up to for this past week...not much, but got a few photos of that not much. :)

Oy, if looks could cannot see the snot or the tear-streaked cheeks here, but sometimes this boy just needs some ALONE TIME.

We planted our garden the first week in October and it's doing great! On the back left is lettuce and onions. Middle left: Cabbage. Front left: Radishes on left, spinach on right. Back right: Brooklyn's area (she chose whatever we had that she wanted to plant). Middle right: collards and lettuce seeds (just now sprouting). Front right: Broccoli and lettuce sprouts. Around the side of the house we have more broccoli and more onions (100+ in total!). We've been harvesting the lettuce, and hope to have radishes soon.

Sam, wanting pushed in his airplane.

We also did preschool day at the Fair. Was way fun this year!!

We were going to go to a Trunk or Treat at the park, so the kids got assembled into their costumes. Brook's a black cat (again) and Sam decided he wanted to be a butterfly.

Russ had been talking about being a zombie for Halloween and I figured it would be easy enough to do the same. So we got our makeup and make the corn syrup blood, smeared charcoal on each other and took photos. Then Russ declared it "icky" and we both showered, lol.

Brooklyn wanted me to be a princess, so I donned my fake eyelashes and dished out the candy at our friends' house. Okay, so I may have eaten some too...

We are loving our Izzy! She is a pretty great dog. She's definitely a quick learner...but also an escape artist. She's not much for jumping and playing and fetching, but occasionally I can get her in the mood to be silly. It usually lasts about 3.5 minutes and then she just wants snuggles and love.

She is also amazingly patient. We made this necklace for her. This is after Brooklyn had put stuff around her legs and an organza bag over her snout. The whole time Izzy just sat there patiently.

So that's our week. Hopefully this next one will be slightly more exciting with a Kite Festival this weekend, a playdate, a trip to the farmer's market, trail walking and bird watching, gymnastics, a photo session and a trip to the county court. Sounds fun, yes?

Also hoping to hear back from a new doctor's office. Turns out that the entire radiation therapy doesn't work in 20-50% of cases (I was told it was a rare occurrence), including mine. So I'm back to my regular irritated, agitated, shaky, heart-racing, insomniac self. Bah. Will keep you posted on where the heck I go from here now.

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  1. look so good! I love that Sam was butterfly and you and Russ looked pretty great too :)