Thursday, April 5, 2012


Geez!  Falling behind!  Gotta get back on the horse here...

Brooklyn turned 6 on March 5th!  We celebrated more or less all weekend, but here's her actual Day.

She woke up to balloons, candy, presents and of course her Six crown.  Happy day!!

Russ got her a butterfly pavilion!  Unfortunately, I didn't get the caterpillars ordered before her birthday (they came the day after).  Now, 2 weeks later, they are all hanging in chrysalids!  So exciting!!

I got her a book about butterflies--one with some pretty amazing photos!


She got an awesome experiment kit, which she was pretty stoked about.  She does "experiments" all the time, so she loves this and asks for me to set them up often for their morning Invitations.

Corinne, this is the photo I was talking about--she was screaming, "IT'S A SCUBA MASK!!  AND TUBE!!  JUST LIKE I WANTED!!!"

There was absolutely NO time wasted in suiting up.

"A POGO STICK!!!"  This kid was delirious with glee.

There was ice cream for breakfast.

She got up to 5 jumps!

We decided we needed some brunch at the local Railroad Cafe, about 3/4 mile down the road.  We figured we'd just load the kids up and walk.

About halfway there, Brooklyn decided that SHE wanted to pull.  She did pretty well, considering!

The kids pre-gaming on breakfast...with jelly packets.

We had to stop on the way home to throw rocks in the water.  It was a quick stop though, as a homeless dude showed up, dropped his bike, and mumbling to himself the entire way, walked into the creek and proceeded to bathe himself.

Making Brooklyn's cake...well, sort of.
(Please forget the shift in photos--not sure what's up with that.)

Freaking awesome cake--homemade chocolate cake with cream cheese whipped cream frosting, and then strawberries, kiwis and Rolos added to the top.  YUM.

After dinner, one of the neighbor kids came to drop off a gift for her--these crazy squiggle people, which she loved.

Looking forward to life with a 6 year old!!


  1. I love the crocheted crown and the newspaper wrapping paper! also cracked up at the pic of her in scuba gear on her pogo stick, lol!!

  2. oh my what a birthday!scuba gear and a pogo stick and a naked homeless guy!trista, darlin' have you ever considered these things happen mostly to you?ive had a lot of birthdays and not one single naked homeless babz