Thursday, December 6, 2012

Underwater camera, food art, Halloween

Brooklyn's been asking for an underwater camera for quite some time.
Our homeschool group has a weekly family swim night and we'd been going often, so we decided to go ahead and get one.

It's been a lot of fun!

We saw some art around Albuquerque (imagine that) and decided to do our own splatter art.
So we got out the paint and went at it.


Sam preferred to stick to the Insta-Snow and burying Barbie.

While painting Brooklyn said, "Hey, this looks kind of like ketchup...can I go get the ketchup?"
What a great idea!  What else can we use??

Here's B's result.

Russ joined in on a hike with his coworkers, who hiked up to the plane crash site on the mountain.
Pretty cool stuff!

Of course there are experiments going on.
This is Russ trying to get the boiled egg inside the bottle (ironically we have Steve Spangler on tv doing the exact same thing right now).
We also did the soda can being crushed in ice, which is always fun.

 We've had some pretty cold mornings here lately, which have warranted much hot chocolate!

For months Sam was adamant that he wanted to grow his hair as long as Brooklyn (who ironically wanted hers short, ha!).  It was getting crazy though--he'd walk around holding his bangs out of his eyes, so he had to do everything one-handed.  So I seized my opportunity at Halloween when I asked if he wanted a Mario haircut.
The Before.

The After.
Can't believe how old he looks!

Halloween was exciting!  Corinne came home from work early (yes, she wore her outfit at work), so we had fun playing with her.

This year Brook wanted to give toys out instead of candy.
We had far too much fun playing with them!

I am so grateful for Brooklyn, who loved handing goodies out.
I do not.  :)

All dressed up and ready for candy!!
They walked around the block until Brooklyn said they had enough candy and they came back home with two buckets full!

Sam, who had been Mario for WEEKS decided that he didn't want to go trick or treating after all.
So he and I stayed home and raided our personal candy stash.
Like momma, like son.  :)

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