Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Strike A Pose.

Several week ago, we ran into town for our homeschool park day.  Right before then, I met up with a guy at Starbucks to sell him my spare camera.
We had awhile to dink around, so dink around we did.
The monkeys were being pretty silly, so I said, "Hey, strike a pose!"
"Okay, this is mad."

"Wanna see sad?"

"Time for Happy!"

"Let's do Derpy!"

My turn.
"Alright guys, so what do you suppose Smart looks like?"



"Now, I know you can do Crazy..."

"Ooh, what about Suspicious?"
(I was impressed with this one, as no direction was given nor clarification asked for.)


"What about....The End Of The World?"


"Mom, can you tell what this one is?"

"Clothing model!"

I have this one labeled Mad Sam on my Starbucks wrapper.

"Play dead!"

And after a full afternoon of sprinting, giggling, scootering, playground-ing, this is their Dead To The World In Less Than 4 Minutes look.
It was a quiet ride home.  :)

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  1. i love sam ready to jump into the end of the world lol and they both do very very well with derp. love babz