Monday, December 27, 2010

Missed A Few.

Sorry folks, I somehow missed a few photos. Oh, also sorry for all of the scatterbrained remarks in the last post. It's late and it all made perfect sense in my head when I wrote it.

Although Sam thought Christmas was neat, there wasn't the super duper excitement yet. Which was okay. Brooklyn had enough of it for both of them. But he was so excited that he got his own "sock". As far as stocking gifts they got tokens to the carousel at the mall (since Mom's always a grinch and never lets them ride it), undies for Sam and pyrex straws for everyone. These guys love their smoothies and therefore love their straws, which drives me crazy that these little pieces of plastic are used for 5 minutes and then thrown away. Eccentric? I think perhaps a bit.

Either way, the straws are really neat. They're from, who has offered 50% off vouchers on before, which I snagged for these.

Of course the stockings were loaded up with favorites like oranges, apples, bananas (Insert Moment of Bragging: these kids LOVE their produce. They would go through 3-4 apples per day if I let them. We devoured an entire large platter of veggies within about 6 hours of snacking. So bunches of fruit all for their own in their stockings was a good thing. Okay, bragging moment done.). And then of course the favorites--agave bears (fancy shmancy gummy bears), chocolate Earth balls, and dried papaya (which again, these kids could live on). All of their favorites that they choose whenever they're good at the Co-Op.

I love this photo--it kind of sums up Christmas for me. Sweet boy all snuggled into his warm blanket with his presents around him, opening his chocolate as the sun starts to peek through the window. Ahhhh.

And more playing.

I know, I know. Not exactly an ecstatic look from the Brookster, but it's the sun, I promise. As I had a full-fledged fashionable necklace and bracelet within a few short hours.

Okay, there you go, the photos you wouldn't be complete without seeing. Now you can live the rest of your life. Live long and prosper.


  1. great post...this and last (I didn't think you sounded crazy?!)!! I agree on the Santa thing. We don't even do him at all :-) you have a gluten intolerance you just discovered?

    that's awesome your kids love produce. My kids love SELECT produce...oh least it is some!

    ALSO....LOVE the idea of reusable wrapping material...I am so anti wrapping paper :-) (and disposable straws!) Brilliant!!

    Happy New Year!

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