Thursday, February 24, 2011

Russ's Camera.

These photos are from Russ's camera phone and date back to the end of November!!! Yikes!!

Enjoying some homemade hot chocolate after playing outside.

Wilmington Christmas parade, both kids loved it!!

Sam's crazy hairdo after he'd been wearing his hat at the Christmas parade.

Oy, so I'm supposed to be pretending to lay on the beach here. Yeah...nice. Anyways, a trip to the Cape Fear Museum.

Why yes that is Russ pretending to be eaten by a giant ground sloth, thank you for asking.

Live long and prosper.

Date night--this is one happy gluten-free pizza loving girl. Love Brixx pizza!!

This was the Children's Museum's New Years Celebration. They had boxes and boxes of cut up tissue paper that they let the mass of kids and adults throw. They even had juice and stuff for cheers-ing with and sipping on afterwards. Pretty fun!

One of the first glorious days of Spring we spent in Carolina Beach walking trails, tossing a softball, kicking a soccer ball and just running around. Was a really great day.

This is at the Museum of Natural History in Raleigh.

This owl looks like he's had a better time cleaning his toenails than having his photo taken.

And of course the obligatory "child kissing an alligator" photo for all goes to the Fort Fisher Aquarium.

Russ took the kids out last weekend so I could have some oh-so-glorious quiet time. And yes, it was QUITE glorious.

El Fin.

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