Thursday, February 24, 2011


Here are a bunch of random photos from the past few months.

Love these mamas!!! We were celebrating Laura's (in the green) third baby, who should be here ANY DAY!

Bubba came last week and although the kids were sick (and then the Bubba was sick), and I wasn't feeling at the top of my game, as always, we had lots and lots of fun.

Sam, Sam, the Chicken Man. I love that I never have to get eggs--he gets a bucket, gently lifts each egg out and into the bucket, and then gently brings the bucket to the back door so I can grab them and wash them. He love it, as do I!

Love this girl! This week has been Get Ready for Kindergarten Week. Brooklyn got in (via lottery draw) to the local Charter school, which we're all pretty excited about. Except they start in mid-July (they're year-round)!! Eek, only 5 more months with her! It hit me that I need to start thinking about her schedule when I scheduled her next dentist appointment's only going to get more crazy from here, but we're pretty excited!

My artsy fartsy kids.

These actually turned out really well and are up on the wall. I plan on getting more canvases for them and making a mural one of these days.

More Bubba Time!!

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