Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Very Short Day In The Life - February 2011

So the other day I woke up to this:

and I thought, "Hmm, this feels like a good day. I should take photos."

Then I got started on morning chores--unloading the dishwasher, dispensing vitamins and juice, starting laundry, tending to the chickens, and I realized what a BEAUTIFUL day it was outside! I was so excited to put my clothesline back up and use it for the first time this Spring. The birds were singing, the sun shining and warming the clothes, a slight breeze on my about perfection. So this photo kind of embodies all of that for me.

Then into the shower I hopped. I started using the baking soda and vinegar in my hair again, and I don't know what the difference this time around is, but I am loving it this go-around!

Although we'd just had breakfast, I made the mistake of leaving the rest of the cantaloupe out. This is what I found upon getting out of the shower.

Put the word out for everyone to get ready to go and found this. Sigh. I sure don't get much accomplished while this kid is around, but dang is he a cute and adventurous little thing.

Snacks. Much-needed snacks to hopefully give Mommy a mental break. I usually drop the kids off at daycare for a few hours on Fridays and run my errands then, but unfortunately, both kids were still getting over a nasty cold. Soooo, I braved it. I'd been putting off a trip to Joann's all week and I just.couldn't.wait.any.longer!! It was the President's Day Sale for heavens sake, people!

So after an hour in Joann's, this is how Sam felt about it. Although the snacks helped a bit, they were soon thrown on the floor and at unsuspecting shoppers. And he had fun emptying the entire contents of my cart onto the floor multiple times. Lovely. Yes, he was lucky to get out alive.

So I don't know if any of your parents used to let you sit on their laps and "drive", but I was telling Brooklyn about it and we were almost home that particular day, so I figured 'what the heck'. So now she gets to "drive" that particular patch of 1000 feet every once a week or so. She is sooo proud and has surprisingly gotten much better every time. Okay, my secrets out, don't report me.

This boy loves to get the mail.

My loot. We made it to Joann's, Costco and Wal-Fart (as Russ lovingly taught my kids it was called...).

Lunch! I LOVE chili, especially with avocado and mozzarella. I try to make a big batch every weekend so that I can have it for lunch during the week.

After naps we head outside to enjoy the weather. Sam is also my "egg man." He asks to check them at least three times a day.

This is how we know Spring has sprung...we went from 3 or 4 eggs per day to 9 or 10!! Woo hoo!

Daddy comes home and I deem him chef for the night. $.17 package of noodles it is. The kids rejoice.

Mama signing off for the night.

Handsome husband signing off for the night.

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