Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Trip to Myrtle Beach

The Bodies exhibit was in Myrtle Beach last month. And of course you know how Russ and I feel about our dead bodies...fun stuff! So it's only natural for our kids to love them too.

So we set off, armed with many audio books.

And some crocheting. (I made at least 4 of these hats...none of which turned out the way I wanted. So if you want one, let me know.)

I didn't know they'd put a Wonderworks in Myrtle Beach!! The only time I went I was what...12? However, after we asked the admission price, we decided to keep walking.

Of course you have to feed the toddler-sized fish. Creepy fish...

And take pictures of your Captain Pretzel children.

Bodies was awesome. We got the audio guides and the kids loved those. Russ and I would have loved to have stayed and actually seen more of the stuff, but the kids always wanted to see what was around the corner. They absolutely love the human body though, so they thought it was pretty cool to see the stuff we've been talking about in their books. It was fun to watching things "click" for Brooklyn.

And of course after looking at dissected bodies we were famished. It took forever to get our food though, so we had to entertain the kiddos...and Russ.

Sam and his busted up lip. Sad, but I can't remember what caused it!

We decided we weren't ready to go home yet and after finding some coupons for Wonderworks, Russ talked me into going. This was the entrance...it was pretty amazing to walk through. EXTREMELY disorienting.

The wind tunnel.

Sam is a pro at getting his photo taken with a shark.

While Brooklyn and I waited to go on the roller-coaster simulation, Russ and Sam were busy doing bubbles. Then we got to join in on the fun and live our 4th Grade Field Trip glory days.

Time for astronaut family photos! Dut looks like a pro.

Sam's looking like he needs to grow into his space suit.

Russ is ready to colonize Mars.

And I'm just fascinated with the shiny fluorescent lights.

Brooklyn and Russ were able to go on this 3-story ropes course. Sam is absolutely distraught that he couldn't go. It really did look awesome...

Brooklyn was amazing. No fear.

Everyone was pooped. We stopped at a grocery store for some dinner and I was awesome and locked my keys in the car. So we got to leisurely eat our dinner in the hot sun with tired children while waiting for AAA to come to our rescue. Woo hoo for AAA! We made it safe and sound after that.

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  1. wow!! its been way too long since i've checked in on you here. sam is getting so grown up and this little trip looks like so much fun :) i'm so glad you guys are doing well. keep those great pictures coming!

    ps yay for aaa!!