Thursday, November 24, 2011


While my parents were visiting, Brooklyn drew my mom's portrait. Very impressive.
We had a fire one night, and the kids wanted to read books by the fire...except that it wasn't a very bright fire, so Grammie had to don the headlamp. Stylish, no?
Another reason we wanted Grammie and Grandpa Scott to come down this particular weekend was to go trick or treating with us! Unfortunately, the last flight out of Oakland was at 6:30pm, so neighborhood stuff wasn't an option. Instead, I figured there would be plenty of places to trick or treat in downtown business areas. As I started searching for a place, I quickly realized that they just don't do it anymore!! Apparently our city decided to nix it in favor of a Halloween Carnival--and they charge $5 a head. Grumble grumble.

We did find a nice little area near the airport though and the kids had a BLAST. They both filled up their buckets just by going down one side of the block and up the other.

Oh, and Brooklyn decided that morning that she wanted to be a reindeer (she even did her own makeup), and Sam decided he wanted to be a gymnast! HA! People would say, "Oh what a cute reindeer and....uh...uh..." "I a bim-nast!!" he'd say. Hehe.
After trick or treating and some lunch, we headed to a park that was close by and happened to be on the waterfront. What was I thinking??? Kids + water = no good. See...SOAKED.
Of course Grandpa had NOTHING to do with it, I'm sure.... "Here Sam, take my hand..."
"SURE I'll swing you over the water..."
"Oh look at hands were slippery..."
"Gwampa Scott, I SAID NO WET GO!"
After dropping the grandparents off at the airport, we zoomed back home to hit the Dollar Store for some glowsticks to give out to the neighborhood kids while the kids decided what they wanted to be this go-around....Brooklyn settled on a princess and Sam went for Super Mustachio. Love it.
We ended up scarfing down some dinner and as we were headed out, our neighbors were walking by and invited us to join them. SO much fun!! The kids got to run from house to house with their buddies and we got to get to know our neighbors some more.

We didn't even make it the entire way around our small block and the kids' buckets were full AGAIN. They were handing out full-size candy bars!! Crazy. The even crazier part was that I told the kids I'd pay them a quarter for each piece of candy they "donated" to me...I had to re-think my strategy as I was going to be out $70!!!! So we did a dime per piece. I was impressed...Sam wanted to shove all of the candy in his face, so I put the money in his hand first and then he had to give it back if he wanted to keep some of his money. He still opted for more candy than money though, lol. Brooklyn though ate maybe 8 pieces of candy TOTAL. Unfortunately, Russ and I had no one paying US not to eat it...alas.

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