Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hotel living.

For the 2 weeks that we lived at the hotel, every morning was the same. I was usually up around 4am, Sam would arouse around 6:30am and we'd all eventually head down to the lobby for breakfast. Let me tell you, after those two weeks, not only was I ready to have my own room (walking around at 4am in a pitch dark room, trying not to disturb anybody is enough to make anyone lose their mind!), but my own kitchen as well....not that I don't love sugary yogurt, wet scrambled eggs and whiter than white waffles every day, but, ya know... The kids sure didn't complain though! HA!

Here's the race to the dining room that took place each morning. At one point during our stay, the kids were taking naps and I was out in the hall, searching online for housing and a neighbor came out and said hello. I asked the normal, "How's it going?" and she said, "Great! I slept in!" (it was 1pm), to which I replied, "Wow! I wish I could do that, my kids are up at the crack of dawn!" to which she replied, "I know." and walked down the hall. Awesome. Did I mention how much I LOVE living in a hotel?!

And of course there was the fact that we had to drag nearly EVERYTHING from the camper and van into our hotel room. And of course we'd forget random things, and have to go "diving" for them...fun times.

We would try to get out and explore new parks each day...found the skate park!

Here was our "roomy" home. (I shudder every time I look at this photo...)

It was definitely an experience...sometimes good, sometimes not-so-good. But I learned that I will never take having more than one room for granted again! lol.

Here are the two little monkeys--Russ and I would have to switch each night with which one we slept with, and then there were the fun nights when Sam would have an "accident" and both the kids and I were in one bed and Russ usually moved to the couch. Fun, fun times, I tell you. I'm surprised I came away from those nights without any black eyes or welts with the way these two thrash!!

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