Friday, June 11, 2010


Brooklyn started gymnastics in March. She LOVES it. One day she noticed the trophies sitting in the office and told me how badly she wanted one. I told her that if she works VERY hard and listens very well to her coaches, she would. Little did I know that they actually have an awards ceremony for the kids! I didn't tell her about it ahead of time (mostly because I didn't want to be asked a million times when she's going to get her trophy, lol) and I'm so bummed I didn't capture the look on her face when she heard about the trophies.

Anyways, Sam and I usually sit at the observation deck and watch the class. However, this time everyone got to come down on the floor and watch. I had mixed feelings about this--I loved being able to watch so closely and actually attempt to take some pictures, but Sam is a WILD MAN in there. So yeah, I only got a handful of photos and yeah, her hair is insane, but I had my hands full and I'm happy with what I got.

This is their warmups:

Stretching. Brooklyn is forever asking questions. "Excuse me, Coach Tina? I have a question..." Oy. So glad she's not afraid to ask or speak up though.


Doing the balance beams. She loves doing this move (she calls it an aribess, but I have no idea what the correct word/spelling is since I couldn't find it on Google, anybody know?).

Thank heavens they had this set up so after the gymnastics kids used it and moved on, I could let Sam free. I had to sit outside before this, he wanted to go out w/ the big kids so bad.

Trophy time!! Coach Tina is on the left. She is so good with the kids.

She is SO proud of this trophy. She has only let me touch it twice, and only for approximately 5 seconds each time. It sits in her windowsill where "the sun makes it shine." Funny girl.

I was so beat by the end of the hour that I had checkbook in hand, ready to pay for BOTH kids to do gymnastics this Summer, but the only time they had both classes together was at an awful time for us. Dang.

Brooklyn is doing so well in gymnastics though. She's the only kid in her class that can do a cartwheel, at the end of the trampoline jump she does a flip onto the fluffy pad, and is getting pretty good at doing a handstand.

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  1. hey, the word is arabesque. its french, so don't beat yourself up for not knowing :) i tried to put luke in gymnastics because he is just as "active" as sam, but he didn't really like listening. there was too much distraction for the little dude. too much stuff to play with. good luck!