Thursday, June 17, 2010

Splash Pad!

Yesterday we hit up the Splash Pad due to the temperatures that seem to be hovering around 100*. We didn't last very long (maybe an hour) for whatever reason, but we all had fun splashing and running around...especially Sam.

She's only 4 and she's already a bit of a beach girl. She likes to get in the water and then go lay out on the warm cement.

I was so glad I got this--he had no idea the water was coming down. Whoops!

With all of the jumping this kid does, it's not difficult to catch him in mid-air.

Sigh...I keep telling myself I'll give up on trying to get him to stop doing this. He sucks the water up and either drinks it (ew) or spits it on someone (double ew, thank you Brooklyn for showing him that...). He just KEEPS ON DOING IT. But, ew...I know what's in that water....blech.

He loves his window open, but apparently it was a bit noisy, lol.

I had no idea what she was doing, I just pointed the camera at her and when I looked at it I burst out laughing. Not what I was expecting, hehe.

A successful morning--happy kids, happy mama, tired kids, tired mama.

And for those still lingering through this post (I'm assuming it's mostly family, lol), here's what we've been doing a lot of lately. Yay! He even takes naps in his undies and poops in there and everything. The minor problems are that occasionally if he gets mad or something he'll pee on you. Fun. And that this kid is super independent--he HAS to dump his potty, wash his potty, then wash his hands all by himself. I'm glad he wants to learn to do it himself, but it makes quite the mess for Mommy...oh well. It's definitely time to move to the big potty though.

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