Thursday, April 28, 2011

Adventures in Washington, Part III


Okay, so this isn't going to be quite so wordy as the last two due to time constraints. Soooo much to be done!!

Anyways, after getting to visit all of our friends on the west coast, Russ flew into WA for the last week and a half of our visit. He'd heard about our hiking up in the palisades and wanted to check it out a well.

Russ and I rented a cabin up above Leavenworth where we invited Russ's best friend Mark and his fiancee Amy, who we hadn't yet met, to come and stay. They weren't able to make it for the first night, so Russ and I had a fabulous time alone where we did very private things like.....bunny rabbit puzzles. Oh yes, believe it.

The place also came with a hot tub, which was pretty much awesome...except when it wasn't working. It was so nice to sit in at night though, the crescent moon over the tops of the trees that surrounded us. Really pretty.

We also did our own share of hiking around (although we didn't have to go .0025 miles/hour, like we do with the kids!). There was a geocache a mile from us, so we spend awhile hunting around for that and FINALLY found it (we're really bad at this geocaching stuff).

Yup, snow.

With all of our Coug pariphenalia in the above photo, it reminds me of some of our first Coug photos together, like this...

I sure do love that guy!!!

Mark and Amy got there and we immediately got down to business with grilled burgers, some zombie killing game, and a bit of Quelf. Oh yeah, baby.

The next day we decided to head into Leavenworth to see what we could see. Here's a photo of Mark with his twin brother, commiserating over some amazing chocolate. Yummm...chocolate....

After a bit, we split up--I went back to my babies in Quincy and Russ went with Mark and Amy to Bellingham to play for a night before they had to go pick up Corinne from the airport the following day.

While we were on our weekend adventure, Russ and I found a great deal on cowboy boots and HAD to get some for the kids. Unfortunately, Sam has gargantuan feet, so his didn't fit, but Brook's fit perfectly, and boy does she LOVE them.

And Sam settled for an old wig that used to by my grandma's.

The whole crew helping make strawberry waffles.

And enjoying a family dinner (sorry Bubs...this was the only one where your eyes were open!).

And it was decided that a real pinata was in order. So we had to decide who got to take the first whack with some good ol' Rock, Paper, Scissors. Oh yeah.

It was down to Lynne and Brooklyn.

And Brooklyn kicked Lynne's tush.

But Lynne got her revenge (even Russ ducked!).

Sam decided it was easier to sit back and wait for the candy to fall.

But he got the Final Blow.


And it was decided that there must be cake.

Oh my...this book...oy.

Sam is a very habitual dude...when he wakes up to pee at 10:55pm one night, he will wake up at 10:55pm for the next 5 nights... So when the boy decides that his bedtime book must be "Gorgeous!"'d better be prepared to read that book at least a thousand and two times. And you have to do the voices. And point out the exclamation points. And the question marks. And ooh and aaahhh over the pictures. It's a good thing it was a cute book.

The day we were flying out to head back to NC was Sam's birthday, so there was a little present for him on the table when he woke up...his prized Buzz and Woody.

Then it was off to Olympia for some Easter celebrations at the Anderson Farm. There was lots of egg hunting.

Lots of crap flinging.

Lots of dinking around.

Lots of family.

Even more family. And lots of tractor driving.

Lots of pranking.

Lots of annoyance.

And did I mention, lots of awesome family???

The Teeter Clan.

This was the best Easter photo I got of the kids together...

Although this one was pretty cute.

Snapped a few photos of my rockin' sister-in-law.

And had a grand time with all of this awesome family. ...and yes, that is Brooklyn checking out her guns.

All in all, the trip was AWESOME and we are all missing our family. We can't wait to see them all again!!

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