Thursday, April 28, 2011

Brooklyn's 5th Birthday!

Brooklyn turned 5 on March 5th...but I'm a slacker. And I've been out of town for the past 6 weeks, so there.

Anyways, it was a glorious day, as always. She got a paleontologist kit from Auntie Corinne, who always finds the coolest gifts.

And of course not a day goes by that we don't play with our marbles.

Then she got her brand new bike (which was very much needed)!!

Then it was off to the Costume Bowling Party!!!

All of our friends were there in their finest costume apparel.

The bowling was a success.

Then we got to go back into a private room for lunch!

Pizza and gluten-free cupcakes (which only my kids ate, lol)! Russ had gotten doughnuts for breakfast and I was not happy with him, hence the gluten-free cupcakes.

Let the games begin!! Everyone got a card with money on it to play games to their hearts content. Brooklyn's card had $20 on it...that child was in heaven. The funny thing was, she spent it all in just about the exact amount of time as everyone else (who all had $5)!!

All in all, I believe the day was a success (except the brakes going out on the car on the way to the party...yikes!). I know Sam would agree....

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