Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fun Stuff.

These are still photos from before we went to Washington, so bear with me. Must document somewhere.

The shorts (that came from a men's button-down shirt) and sweatshirt (it used to be my old sweatshirt) that I made for Sam. Unfortunately, he's already outgrown the sweatshirt! Doh.

Brook was modeling her ballerina outfit she got from Grammie and Grampy for her birthday, as well as her treasures pouch I made for her to carry her money around in.

More pillows! I would love to keep making pillows, as I love them, but alas...I find that all I do all day is pick them up off the floor. Bah.

I had this genius idea to make some rice-filled beanbags for the kids! I'd even do each letter in their names! Brilliant! HAHAHAHAHA...yeah, right.

Year old rice (stored in the garage where there are rice-loving bugs) + impatient and bored kids + impatient mama = ONE BIG MESS.

I think I counted to 10 at least a bazillion and two times over the course of the hour that it took me to do just the "B" and the "S". Then I ripped out 4 other quick shapes so they could chuck them at each others' heads.

Another day we were bored and I found myself yet again yelling at the kids to stop jumping off of the dang bay window. Then I thought, "Why?"

We quickly rounded up every pillow, blanket, couch cushion, stuffed animal, and sleeping bag that we could find... you think they had fun??

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