Saturday, January 26, 2013

ALL Unschooling Symposium!

Wow...soooo behind.
A couple of days after Christmas, we were able to attend the Always Learning Live (ALL) Unschooling Symposium.  And here in Albuquerque!!

The kids had a blast!  There was a play room with toys...

And LOTS of gaming--computer ones, card and board ones and imagination ones!

This is a group of nearly all adult unschooled kids.  They are awesome!!

The speakers were great!  Sandra Dodd, Pam Sorooshian, Joyce & Carl Fetteroll, Renee much information and in such a laid-back atmosphere was AWESOME.  Their talks were great, but kicking back and playing games and just chatting with them was invaluable!

So much fun playing games!  And with so many fun and interesting people.

The take-away message from Joyce's talk--as long as kids are Engaged, they are Learning.

Rose Sorooshian did a presentation on television.  It was SO much fun!!  We listed a good 40+ TV shows, put them up on the wall and then they handed out sticky notes for people to write things they've learned from each show.  Very interesting stuff!

I loved the panels that they had--this is the Dodd family!

We had so much fun and are really hoping they do it again next year, as it's looking more and more like we're going to be able to stay here in Albuquerque.  YAY!!

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