Friday, January 4, 2013

Crazy cat, Snoozes, and Bubs!!

So it has been months (and months) since I've used my Nikon cameras.  I'm not sure whether it was the dreary dark days with an inadequate flash on the other cameras or the fact that those cameras just plain suck compared to my Nikons.  Oh, and no matter how hard I try I just can't get the same editing results from any other program like I can from Photoshop.

But apparently it was time to pick up my camera again.
And I must say, I'm in love.
So without further ado, let me re-introduce many of you to my Nikon images.  Hopefully they'll be around for awhile.  :)
 Here is the first photo I snapped.  Lovely, no?

 I'm amazed at how adept a 4 1/2 year old can be when it comes to a keyboard and mouse.

The kids and I decided to title this one, "What do you mean Low Battery?!"

One of my favorite times of the day--the end.  I love how relaxed and loving it (usually) is.  Snuggling, talking, drawing on backs, asking and answering questions, I love you's, and of course reading.

Brooklyn really wanted to watch a movie but we weren't sure if it was on Netflix or not.  I said I'd look and Brooklyn yelled, "Everyone CROSS YOUR FINGERS!!!!"
Yes, it was on Netflix.  :)

Mmmm...chai tea ingredients.  I love how the smell lingers in the house.  Russ said it feels sharp in his nose.  ??

The third child.  The baby.
I am really trying to be more patient with her--leaving the empty dishwasher open so she can explore it, leaving boxes out for her to play in, making her forts with the blankets...yes, I know, it sounds crazy.
But it works.
She used to claw the crap out of me just for fun and since I've taken the time to get to know her better, there's been more snuggling than clawing.
This is a big one for her--she needs to know what I'm doing on the counters in the kitchen.  So I put a towel in the bottom of one of the drawers and pull it out for her whenever I'm in there.  She loves it.  I've even caught her sleeping in it a time or two.

It's the perfect height--she can barely see over the counter, which is all she ever really wants.  She's never tried to jump up or pull anything down.  Just curious.
Although I do get quite the chorus of meowing when I bust out the cheese...

We found a YouTube video of this cat who had a toy that was height adjustable.  So it's owner started it low and raised it until it was ceiling height.  And the cat (which was a beefy cat) totally got it!
So the kids wanted to make something for our cat.  We hung a toy bat in the kitchen and wasn't the biggest fan (although she did jump for it a few times), so the kids thought they'd help her out.

We went to the River of Lights at the Botanical Gardens.  It was SO COOL!  Unfortunately, neither Russ nor I were warm enough and there were a lot of people there so we were in a bit of a grumpy mood.  But that didn't put much of a damper on things--the lights were awesome, the kids had a blast, and the cotton candy was delicious!

I love how homeschooling allows us the ability to listen to our bodies more.  Sam is really good at it.
We don't have to be up at a certain time, so therefore we don't have to be in bed at a certain time.  And Russ and I don't push it (for the most part).  We usually all end up heading to bed between 10-11pm and then we all wake up at different times. 
I can tell when Sam is growing (or sick, which has been the case for the past few days) though because he will willingly take naps and want to go to bed early (along with an increase in sugar consumption, which is another big tip-off).

In this instance, Sam had found this little car and started zooming it around the room.  Then he was sitting and zooming it around himself.  Then when Russ laid down to read on the gymnastics mattress, Sam lay down as well and was zooming next to the mattress...and then he was gone.

And of course Tesla couldn't miss an opportunity to snuggle on her favorite bed.

Meanwhile, I was making homemade chicken nuggets (although we add a lot more spices to them).  Yum!  And pretty dang easy too!

 Brooklyn was in an oobleck kind of mood.

Bubba and Grampa Jerry came!  They bought an RV a month or two ago and drove it down from WA to join us for Christmas.
Not sure what's up with this walrus...

Bubs brought lots of goodies, including stamps!

Stamps were fun for a bit, but then it was Wrestle Time!!

Sam was SO EXCITED to show Minecraft to Bubs.  And super excited when she said she'd attempt to play with him.

The conversation between these two was quite interesting.  Here is a sample that I tried typing as quickly as I could:
(S is Sam, B is Bubba)
S: "You're gonna follow me."
B: "I'm outside!  Where are you?"
S:  "Follow me."
B:  "You gotta go slow!"
S:  "Come with me, Bubs!"
B:  "Am I up here now?"
S:  "There's a dog over there.  Give it the bone."
B:  "Why am I jumping?"
S:  "Because you're pushing space bar..."
B:  "Oh."
S:  "Don't hit them with the bone or they will kill you.  Only right click on him with duh bone."
B:  "Shew..."
S:  "Wanna bacon?  Here."
B:  "Thanks!  Uh, I didn't get it.  Where's the bacon?"
S:  "Right behind you.  On the ground.  Just walk over it.  You got it!  Now eat it, you're hungry."
B:  "It's getting dark.  Is this where those guys come out?!"
S:  "The monsters."
B:  "I don't think I can deal with monsters today..."

That's it for now!  Although I have the next post's photos done, just need to write it.  Woot!


  1. You're peacefully parenting your cat!! :) Love it! And is Bubs your mom? She rocks!

    Love the pics! Keep 'em coming! :)

    1. Ha, yes, peaceful parenting the cat. Although sometimes I feel like I'm making up for the harassment she gets from the kids all day...I know they are loving her but GEEZ!

      And Bubs is Russ's mom. She was going to try and make it to the conference but decided to hold down the fort instead, which was really appreciated since the kids didn't always want to be at conference. And yes indeedy, she does rock. :)

  2. Ohhh! Nikons!!! I LOVE them! I LOVE the low battery photo and the one of you looking down on the cat from the countertop! I am excited to follow your daily adventures on the blog... and get some Nikon goodness!