Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jingle Smells, Jingle Smells...

...jingle alllllll the way!!

Santa came!  Santa came!
He even overlooked the fact that our stockings are in storage 2 states away!

Our tree in all it's Christmas glory.

More switch balls!

Christmas morning was comfy cozy with a mattress, pillows and blankets on the floor.

This has been awesome--a skateboard without wheels!  Sounds kinda silly, but the kids really like practicing their skillz without the risk of falling smack on their butts.

The one thing Brooklyn asked for for Christmas was a mermaid Barbie.  Woot!

We were all excited for presents!  I was just as excited for the kids to open theirs so I could play with them.  :)

This year is the first that Brooklyn wanted in on the gift giving.  So we took the kids to Toys R Us and split up.  This is what she found for Sam and it's probably The Most Played With Toy.  Success!
Actually, we all use it...even the cat.  More photos of that later.

Grampa Jerry, The Cat Whisperer.
(Tesla on his lap and Simba the traveling cat on top--note that these cats do NOT like each other, so the fact that they are less than 5' from each other is nothing short of a miracle.)

Brooklyn opening the gift that Sam got for her--Nerf guns!  They are SO much fun!!  We play spy games--turn off all the lights at night and run around the house (our house is arranged like a big circle, which makes it challenging).  Sometimes there are shields and flashlights involved.  Sometimes even the kids are involved...hehe.

Opening the gifts that Grammie and Grampy got them while Skyping!
The fishing lines were tried out the next day, without any success, but they both still had a lot of fun.

"Put 'em up!"

I got Russ a slackline.  Unfortunately, there is nowhere to use it at home.  Fortunately, we have a great park for it a few blocks away.

We all have fun slacklining!

I snapped this right before a big spitting match broke out...Tesla was teasing Simba and Simba was just plain pissed.

The day after Christmas we hit up The Museum of Natural History.  We all kind of split up and did our own thing, so Sam and I wandered around and found the kid room.
This is a big sand box with molds that make different animal footprints...although Sam was mostly interested in smoothing out the surface for the pretty little girl to his right. :)

Aaaand more slacklining!  He's getting better and better!

Tesla LOVES this toy.  She will grab the cars right off the track.  But her favorite part is laying between the jump part and snagging the car out of mid-air.  Makes for lots of giggles!

We got snow!!  Not a ton, but enough for snow angels and snowballs!

Gah, love these three!!!

Russ and Bubs brought a Hexbug home to see what the cat thought.
She LOVED it. did Sam.
This is Sam putting it in his pocket, and Tesla going crazy because she can hear it but can't find it...

Throwing snowballs at the window...

I know this was a late post (what's new?), but hope you all had happy holidays!!

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