Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Ahhhh Mondays...

There was a lot of catching up on all of the wonderful things like...
-Cinderella-style mopping (Note to self: NEVER get tile floors. EVER.)

Also lots of...making masks...

And laminating creatures. We are doing the book The Mitten as our Five In A Row (although we use this site, as it's free...www.homeschoolshare.com/) book this week. I really like this idea as it's incredibly flexible and the kids love it.

Reading "The Mitten." I hope you enjoy me in all of my Pajamas-At-2pm glory.

Then we put on a skit using our masks. I was just going to have the kids run and hide behind the couch, but they insisted that we use the blanket as our mitten. Good call kids, good call.

You can't really see it here, but Brooklyn insisted I document the art she drew on this bucket.

As soon as they saw the neighbor kid out in the yard, they high-tailed it out there. This time they were fishing out of the back of the truck. At one point the neighbor kid even used Sam's stick and the rope to make an impressive bow (for a bow and arrow). I asked if they could use some sleeping bags on their adventure (they were just waiting in a pile to be washed). Silly me for even asking.

Eventually the kids brought their boxes out from the garage to play dogs in. Brooklyn mentioned that she wanted to put more windows in her box. I told her to go and grab the scissors. "No, with a knife." Can you hear my sharp inhale of breath from here?? My thoughts on "forbidden" things are that if they're asking you for them, there is definitely an interest in the item and they're going to seek out that interest at some point whether you're there with them or not. I mean come on, who wants to be told, "No, no, no. You're too little. You'll hurt yourself."...honestly, if it were me, it would make me want to do it by myself as well just to prove that I can.

So I went and got the knife... With a few ground rules, she was off and at 'em...with me hunkered over her shoulder saying every 2 seconds, "Hand... Watch... Good... Careful..." I was proud of her (and she was obviously proud of herself), but was definitely relieved when she declared herself done.

But of course then #2 wants a turn. Oy vey. It wouldn't be so bad if the neighbor kids weren't there. I can just imagine the conversations they have at the dinner table after visiting our house sometimes...

He did fairly well. He had a bit more trouble, and was done much sooner than Brook was, but asked me to cut out 7 more shapes for his windows.

Welcome to Occupy Swallow Drive...

Brooklyn thought that the laundry baskets could serve as a fence (oh, and the one on top is her air conditioner).

After the neighbor kids got called home (mysteriously directly after Seth said, "Hey Dad, they're playing with knives!"...), the kids decided to scooter, BMX racer style. Brooklyn would do tricks and say, "Did you get a picture of that?!"

Then we headed back inside where Brooklyn worked on typing a letter. She worked on that thing for well over an hour.

Another perfect* day in the Teeter house!

*The use of the word "perfect" is not used to insinuate that life here is perfect. Of course I'm going to document more of the best parts of our days, and not so much of the bad. Just know that we have our fair share of lovely times such as (including and not limited to):
-grumpy mornings (mainly me)
-"But I had that first"'s
-"But I don't want to!"'s
-grumpy afternoons (ahem, me again)
-"She won't stop squishing me!"'s
-eye rolling
-exaggerated sighing
-"But it's my turn!"'s
-grumpy evenings (need I say it?)

...and so on and so forth. But such is life, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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