Saturday, February 25, 2012

Playing Catch-up.

We've been some busy bees!!

-Soap carving

-Library trips

-Decorating our house with LOTS of pieces of custom-made art.

-Making gifts for our friends (and delivering them!)

-Glow stick fun

-Being the Statue of Liberty

-Charcoal insanity (more on that later)

-Climbing walls with our ropes

-Eating, checking out our "babies" (Brook decided to grow wildflowers and cut them and sell them)

-Making forts (and bird watching)

-Planting more seeds (using cut-up egg cartons)

-Puzzles with goggles

-Conducting "roller coaster" experiments

-Conducting roller coaster experiments in a new environment

-Babies are growing! (Sunflowers in the back, tomatoes in the front)

-Paying a visit to Half-Priced Books...and wrapping up our finds for Daddy to unwrap when he gets home

-Eating onions (they both liked the taste of a small piece, but surprise surprise...neither finished their halves of onions, lol)

-Of course lots of snuggling with books and movies


-Farmer's market!

-Our February science kit came!! MAGNETS!

-My van's lovely new tat.

-Skate park!

-Art presentations

-Checking out a cemetery

-Lots of imagining

-Tunnel-digging, Phase I

-An early morning to see the sun rise, followed up with doughnuts for breakfast

-LOTS of dirty faces

-Tunnel-digging, Phase II (unfortunately, we had to leave before Phase III was complete)

-Throwing rocks and wading in the creek

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  1. can i come live with you? seriously. can i???