Monday, February 20, 2012

Why homeschoolers don't do 3-day weekends.

Ladies and Gents, let me introduce you to one of my many selves: Debbie Downer. Because I've got some whining to do.

So in case you weren't aware, it's President's Day. What does that mean? A day playing legal hookie to students and the majority of the employed. Unfortunately, Russ does not get it off and it just means to the kids and I that there are more crazy people out there, trying to enjoy their day off.

The kids spent the entire day trying to convince me to just stay home. And I should have listened. Nothing good can come of venturing out into the public on a 3-day weekend. But like many others, I was enticed by the sales.

Stop #1: Half-Price Books

We had already stopped here once this weekend to cash in on their 40% off coupon. I scored a great deal on the book Blood and Guts (Brooklyn has been asking to learn more about the heart and this book has some sweet experiments, etc., she'll be super excited to see the sheep heart that I ordered for us to dissect! Bwahahah...I knew that zoology degree would come in handy someday!), Brooklyn found a book she liked, Russ scored on some bug and bird field guides, and Sam picked up a used game of Cadoo for $4. Here's the kicker...Cadoo was missing the freaking board. Sooooooo we headed back today to get his money back and pick something else out. And why not print off another coupon for Brook in case she found something and one for me as well?? We were checking out: Sam found a used Blue's Clues computer game, Brooklyn a GIANT book about dinosaurs that she's been immersed in all day, and I scored a great deal on a butterfly book to go with the butterfly kit and live caterpillars we got her for Brook's birthday ($5 for a $35 book--it's even new and with 5 star reviews! WOOT!). Anyway, as we were checking out this guy came up, elbowed his way in between me and my kids to get to the cashier and growled, "You need to get a manager here NOW. That *#* over there with the *$&@*( creepy hair just growled at my ($&(@&$^* kid. You'd better get him quick." He eventually realized that my kids were staring at him with their jaws hanging to the floor and he apologized and repeated what he said. Awesome.

So we high-tailed it out of there and despite my kids cries, we walked next door to Michael's. I can't find a combination of yarn that I love for a certain project and thought they'd have all that I needed. EHHHHHH. Nope. I did need some good paper and charcoal and of course the glow sticks that we can't seem to leave the store without. As I'm desperately fighting the hoards of people, Sam calls out above them all in a crystal-clear voice, "MOM, THAT WOMAN IS PICKING HER NOSE!! THAT ONE RIGHT THERE!! DO YOU SEE HER?!" Yes, all eyes riveted on this poor pregnant woman and she ducked away in embarrassment. I quickly followed suit.

One last stop--Costco. Ugh. Do I really want to do this? Oh well, just get in the car and do it. Get it done. So we went to the car...and I saw it. Some lovely, wonderful soul who must have sensed that I needed yet another lesson on "counting to 10" keyed my van. There is no way that that 3 foot long lovely deep silver mark was an accident. I KNOW those spots are small and I KNOW my van is not, and I KNOW that my 3 year old has a tough time keeping his hands off of a shiny car, especially when trying to balance getting out of a car. BUT COME ON.

I am proud to say that I fumed for a few minutes, sent an short yet explicit email to my husband to vent, vetoed Costco and came straight home....where I should have been the entire day. Experimenting with laundry baskets, slides and gravity.

Okay, I've got to get back to the experiment...we're trying to decide which has more friction--a laundry basket going down the slide with Brooklyn in it with a blanket under it, and of course without a blanket under. Photos and video on these experiments later....

Debbie Downer signing off!

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