Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Sam was up for the day at 6am. Therefore, so were we. It was cold, it was dreary, it was a snuggle day.

I groggily went and opened up the living room blinds and burst out laughing when I found this ingenious invention awaiting me. "It's so we always know where our tape is!" Brook tells me.

Sam loves collecting treasures to put in his backpack. Unfortunately, these collections generally consist of fruit. Today he found 3 Clementine oranges in there...we haven't had those for three weeks... Today he replaced them with kiwis. Remind me to check his bag in a couple of days...

There was a lot of Reader Rabbit today.

And lots of crocheting (unfortunately I ran out of yarn approximately 20 stitches from the end of this...sigh).

And of course a lot of books and snuggling. ...and yes, this is in fact Day 2 of being in pajamas. Jealous much?

After pointing out that it's been raining all morning and we have a big hole of dirt in the backyard, the kids quickly got dressed and prepped for MUD. And yes, she is attempting to surf down the hill...

Sam got bored (?!), so came in just as I was handing out muffin tins and utensils for mud cupcakes (which may or may not have later been used as propulsion devices against the side of our house. Sigh.).

Sam decided to take a different approach and suggested we make some actual muffins.

The window cleaner stopped by to take care of this pesky mud-splattered window problem we had...

I think this kid ate at least 3/4 of the muffins--I swear, I cannot feed him enough. He is an absolute bottomless pit...except at dinner-time, ironically. (He's chosen to go to bed early for the past TWO nights instead of facing the dreaded Dinner. Tonight we at least enticed him out of his bed with the promise of there being a cucumber and avocado being eaten for dinner, crazy kid...)

Add in some How It's Made, a bit of Shaun the Sheep, and an evening at a friend's house for Tuesday evening Crochet Group and it sums up a pretty fantastic day!

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  1. oh boy, so i love your blog. (i've said it before, but it warrants saying again). i'm not super jealous of the pajama deal...only because i happen to stay in my pjs most days). also, not the appropriate forum, but i don't have your email address...and you disappeared from fb. are you gone gone or just paring down? feel free to tell me you pared me out- it's fine! i just hate to lose contact completely! :)