Friday, May 25, 2012

Naked biking, pre-school Kenpo, hammocks, and other stuffs.

Gah, technology is against me at my house and I'm getting behind on downloading my photos!

Brooklyn decided one day to turn a broken water squirter from The Dollar Store and a plastic bag into a wind sock, er...bag.  Add a bit of glitter glue and tape, perfecto!

This kid has enjoyed running around outside (and biking...) semi-nude for the past couple of weeks...although his dad isn't the biggest fan of this newfound fun, lol.

Sam asks daily (at least!) if I want to play "you-frow-piwwows-and-animows-at-me-on-your-bed" game or "whomping wiwwow" (whomping willow).  Today it morphed into some super duper karate moves! 

One lazy day we were all out on a blanket in the sun--the kids wanted to do art, so we lugged all of our things out.  Sam had the idea of taking the scissors to a piece of sidewalk chalk.  I put some glue down on my paper and was inspired by his idea to do it myself!  Brook had to do one too.

Sam loves shapes and numbers--I just got a new math games book that I can't wait to dive into this week!

More "Hi-YAW!!"'s.

After a camp out we went to, Russ decided he was going to make himself a hammock.  I decided I could do better, and found one on Freecycle!  It's not exactly what he was looking for and has possibly caused more trouble than tranquility...but ya was free and all...

We had a couple of super hot weeks, and this is how I found Brooklyn one afternoon...

Luckily though, the evenings cool off and we're able to ride bikes, hit the park, doodle in the street...

I'm sorry Russ...he was instructed to please not do this again directly after I snapped this photo--how could you not snap a photo of this??

All of our fantastic artwork.  Unfortunately, it rained the next day.

My butterfly, "Gimmie ur NECTAR!"

Lanny's fantastic doodles.

Sam received a gift in the mail (thank you, Corinne!).
I love his faces...

...see? lol.

He and Russ spent the next 45 minutes putting together a chameleon.

This is a typical weekday morning--Russ and Sam dishing up bowls of homemade granola and yogurt and firing up the computer for an episode of How It's Made or searching for interesting things on YouTube.
Love my boys!!

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