Thursday, May 3, 2012

Texas, Part I

I had the opportunity to travel to Texas in March to visit some of my loves from NC--Sarah and David (and their two boys) and Amy (and Maddy and JT).  I ditched the kids with Russ and Bubba and boarded the plane.  Although airports are nerve-wracking for me, I was amazed at how much easier it is to fly ALONE.  I only took one book with me for heavens sake, and I had it finished before I was halfway there!

Anyway, Amy and her kids had been there for a day already, so Sarah picked me up at the airport and we came home to this...


It's a shame that no one had any fun...

Maddy, Dawson and I did some lovely artwork on the sidewalk.

Owen, wanting to rip that camera right off my face.

Sweet Heilo.

Sarah and Maddy getting some girl time. 
(Note: Sarah is preggo with boy #3...she loves her some girl time. :) )
(Another Note:  Brook and Maddy were bestest friends in NC and were even in the same class at school.  It was fun talking to her again and seeing her take on life.)

Dawson was DETERMINED to get a photo of Amy acting scared/surprised about there...being a fire??  I can't remember, but it was quite comical...

...especially when HE took over the camera and took about 50 more photos, requesting the same scared/surprised look.

Showing off some art to Mommy.

Madison took this.  I like the angle!

Dawson took this one.

"Can I help you wash the dishes??"  Hmm, let me think about it...YES.  Here's the soap and rag, say "cheese!"

I loved our dinners.  This was the definition of "organized chaos".

Dawson took this one too.  <3 <3 <3

"But it's MY TUUUUUURNNNNN!!!!!"  And again, Owie demands his turn with the camera.  Fortunately for him, he's too cute to say no to!

JT, the oh-so-talented motorcyclist...picking something out of his toes??

I love my second family!!

Best buddies!

I wanted to limit these posts to ~20 pics each sooooo...Part II coming right up!

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