Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The one where we blow stuff up with water.

So we've been big on YouTube lately.  In searching "world records" we found this video about giant water balloons.  We found it so entertaining, we thought we'd attempt to replicate the experiment using whatever we could find at The Dollar Store.
Our "tools"--one set of 12" globe party balloons, a 2-pack of punching balloons, and two individually packaged punching balloons (we hypothesized that since they were sold individually, perhaps the quality was better).

Our first attempt:  in the grass, and we did not blow it up to stretch it out before attaching it to the hose.

Our captive audience...snacking on watermelon.

As predicted, attempt number one didn't last long.
On to attempt #2:  Holding it, no previous inflation.

That sucker got heavy!!  So Russ decided to move on to the next attempt.

Attempt #3:  In a chair (Note: this is a child-sized camping chair), blown up previously.

Attempt #4:  punch balloon from dual pack, blown up first (since it was obvious from previous trials that it worked better, as hypothesized).  Unfortunately, this one had a hole in it.

The troops have retreated to a safer distance.

Attempt #5:  second punch balloon from dual-pack, in adult-sized chair.
Russ tapped on it to see how firm it was and it exploded.

Attempt #6:  I believe this is a regular globe balloon, previously blown up, in the child-size chair.

I know this isn't easy to see, but the round shape you see there is actually purely water.  The balloon exploded and I happened to click the camera and just the right millisecond to still be able to see the shape--I was so excited!!

Attempt #7:  Individually packaged punch ball, previously blown up (I think?), in adult-sized chair.  This was by far the biggest one!

Attempt #8:  This was our final attempt--I can't remember if this was a punch balloon or globe balloon, but Russ filled it up in the child-sized chair and we all hypothesized about how long it would take for it to burst.  Russ guessed something like a half hour, I think I guessed an hour, Brooklyn 2 hours...something like that.

We looked out after about 15 minutes and it was gone.  Alas, Russ reigns supreme yet again.

The troops were tired of the heat and decided to snuggle up and watch some more YouTube...

...although I hope they don't ask for experiments regarding this subject matter...yikes!

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