Saturday, August 27, 2011

Road Trip - Day 3

Day 3 started out eating breakfast and deciding we were going to pack up camp before setting out on the nature trail. Ugh, I hate packing up. Almost as much as unpacking. But we got it done.

Explorers, ready to go!

But first we had to stop off at the laundry area and check out the Katydids that Russ and the kids found the previous day. They were all over! Pretty neat, I'd never seen one "in real life" before.


Annnnnd this about sums up the entire hike--Russ reading about the various foliage and history at each marker, Brooklyn messing around with whatever she can find (namely large sticks, the better to poke eyes with), Sam trying to make a break for it off the unbeaten path, and Izzy nowhere to be found (she kept running ahead, then running back to us like, "Hurry up already."), and me attempting to document the insanity of it all.

My little rock climbers.

Towards the end of the trail, Russ spied a turtle!

And then a caterpillar! We're still working on identifying it...caterpillars can be tough.

Next up on the trail, this crazy tree. Apparently hundreds of years ago the forest here was all hardwoods (oaks, etc.) and then people came and chopped them all down to make room for farming. However due to the fact that they removed all of the trees (which hold the soil in place), the soil eroded, which made it very difficult to farm much of anything. So fhte softwood trees grew--sweet gum trees (the ones that have the spiky nuts that fall), maples, etc. But when those die out, then the hardwoods will grow back again.

This is a hardwood tree. And yes, of course Russ tried knocking it over. No, it didn't work.

We then headed out to our next checkpoint, Brantley Creek Park, 2 hours away. We were delighted to find out that there was only one older couple in the entire campground. We definitely had our pick of campsites. We decided on a nice one close (but not too close, like many others) to the water. There were a couple of docks close by, and the boat launch wasn't too far. So we hurriedly set up camp so we could strip down and jump in the lake!

Oh, also, see what I mean here? These two definitely have an ultra love-hate relationship. Brooklyn was just standing there, watching Russ make a fire when Sam came up and put his arm around her and said, "I love you." In turn, she swiveled around, grabbed him and tickled him. Goofballs.

Our fridge didn't stay very cool on the commute, so we had lots to eat. We took turns eating an entire bowl full of berries. Yum!

Here we are, swimming at the boat launch!

Back in the upper right-hand corner there is our campsite.

3 pork chops, 1 pork loin roast, and 8+ chicken breasts. The contents of our freezer back at home that Russ could not bear to part with.

Dinner time!

Russ took it upon himself to finish the entire roast himself. It was delicious!

If you go out to the end of our campsite and look left, here's the boat launch.

And to the right (straight out is gorgeous as well...Blogger's just giving me crap and I don't want to deal with it--I have 4 more posts to do still!).

After the kids had meltdowns, Russ put them to bed while I hung up our freshly laundered clothes to dry on the line. Then we sat down and had some secret s'mores (the kids don't know we even have any chocolate marshmallows or graham crackers...insert evil cackle here.).

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