Monday, August 29, 2011

Road Trip - Day 7 (part II)

Sorry I had to do this in two parts--Blogger isn't happy with me tonight, apparently.

Anyways, the last photo left us off with bored kids. Sam had already been in trouble a few times for getting muddy. So I told the kids to get their play clothes on and get as muddy as they possibly could.

Brooklyn was done after about 5 minutes, "Okay, can I get washed up now?" I told her no. She wasn't dirty enough. Her jaw dropped and she said, "You want me to get more dirty?!" "Yup." A smile inched across her face, "Oh-kaaaayyyy..." as she turned around and headed back to the mud.

It took 3 more times of her coming back, "Am I muddy enough?!" "Nope. I can still see the words on your shirt." Sam was more than happy to help her out. They were totally done after about 15 minutes. Even Sam was asking to be washed up. So under the hose they went. You should have heard the giggling shrieks.

We finally went and got into the shower and got squeaky clean. They haven't been asked to stay out of the dirt once since! Ha!

On a side note, we saw our neighbors this morning who were chuckling while watching the entire ordeal. She said, "You look much cleaner today!" The kids loved telling her all about how dirty they got all over again.

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