Sunday, August 28, 2011

Road Trip - Day 4

After a rough night with Sam, we were all a bit grumpy this morning and eager to get out and about. So we ate our cereal, said goodbye to the lake and headed to Columbus, GA.

We went to the Coca Cola Space Science Center. It was okay. Very small, but some fun things. There was this exhibit where you could operate your own land rover.

And then one to tell the weather. Brooklyn was telling us all about Hurricane Irene (which we were keeping close tabs on at this point, eek.).

And lots of interesting things to read about and watch. Sam loves all things rockets and space, so he was loving it.

They also had 4 of these video game simulators that I pretty much had to pry everyone out of. Seriously, Russ said that if he was a single guy and lived here, he'd get a yearly pass just to come play these simulators. And guess what--as we were getting ready to leave, these two college-age looking guys (there was a college just around the block) were standing in line behind us, waiting patiently. Ha! They were pretty fun though.

Another simulator.

A display about the planets which was pretty neat.

Across the street was a park with some nifty water features and such. They also had some information plates where I showed the kids how to do rubbings. Ooh, and there were some guys there doing free running. It’s pretty neat to watch (there are some neat videos on YouTube).

After checking this park out, we walked to Ruth Ann’s CafĂ©. It was so stereotypically southern, I almost took a picture of the menu. But the menu itself would not do it justice—it was the people working there, the clientele, etc. I was quite amused.

After running way too many errands, we got back the campsite and our not-so-happy-camper of a dog. Russ got the fire going and then headed off to attempt to do some fishing.

Fishing was a bust, but we were so hot, we all jumped into the lake…even Super Sam.

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