Sunday, August 28, 2011

Road Trip - Day 6

We decided to head to the Jackson Museum of Natural Sciences today (since we get in free with our Cape Fear Museum pass--best $50 we ever spent.). They had some really neat fossils--some I'd never seen before up close. Pre-historic fish and whales, pretty amazing.

Another tank that you could go inside of. Not sure which was more entertaining to watch--the big frogs inside or the crazy girl who thought she was part of the exhibit.

They also had a large Frogs exhibit with everything frog. They had all sorts of them to see and then all sorts of interactive learning tools too. Very cool.

Two witches making Sam stew. Mmmm.

They had a nature trail that of course we had to check out. All of this is filled with water when it rains or floods or whatever, but it was pretty dried up. Still pretty.

We have a thing for doing rubbings. They're just fun! All of these benches had different carvings in them, so we did lots of rubbings.

All of the stuffed animals. Fun fun.

They also had a really cool kids play place that was SUPERVISED. WOOT!! The kids weren't very happy when I dragged them away, kicking and screaming.

This was probably the kids' favorite part.
My favorite was all of the new fossils that I hadn't seen before.
Russ's was the giant snapping turtle--it was huge!! We thought it was just a boulder, but oh no...that thing could take a hand off if it wanted to!

We got back to camp and they wanted to do more rubbings.

We headed back to camp for some lunch. And guess what I found wandering around our campsite?? IZZY. This dog is seriously the Houdini of dogs. We got her a crate (since she'll need one to fly to CA anyways, plus she just keeps ESCAPING!) and put it inside the nice air conditioned trailer. When I first tried to leave her in there, she whined like crazy. So I went back in and threw an old t-shirt of mine in there and she was quiet. So that's when we left.

But when we got back, she had managed to GET OUT OF HER CRATE. I'm not sure if I didn't get both parts of the lock locked or if she did it (as there were some scratch marks on the side there). But when I pry the cage open there, I can barely get it open 5-6", I don't know how she got out of there or how long it took her...geez. At that point I didn't know what to do. The next time we left we bungee corded the door closed and she was fine. Thank heavens.

After lunch, Russ tried laying down with the kids and I headed to the local coffee shop to score some free wi-fi so I could attempt to get these blogs uploaded. After 2 frustrating hours I gave up and went to the Rainbow grocery store next door. I was in love. Hello organic bulk shopping goodness! Unfortunately, I knew Russ would be expecting me very soon (our perhaps an hour or so ago...) so I grabbed my lettuce, oranges and tea and headed back.

After the kids woke up, they needed to burn some energy so I took them to the campground park while Russ walked the camp nature trail. Brooklyn immediately found two friends--a couple of sweet black girls who were probably about 12. They loved Izzy and were telling us all about everything. It's funny though because Brooklyn could hardly understand their accents, and what's even more funny, they could hardly understand Brooklyn! HA!

They told us they saw an alligator over by our camp though and I was a bit worried until the next sentance that popped out of their mouths, "And a chicken jumped up onto our picnic table and started squalking at us!" Hmmm...correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't think chickens lived in the swamp...

While I was making dinner, Sam decided to try his off-road biking skills.

And Brooklyn sat contently watching the egrets and herons fishing for their dinner in the creek.

Dinner, showers, laundry, bed.

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