Thursday, September 1, 2011

Road Trip - Day 10

Well, it occurred to me that I've lost a day. This should actually be Day 11, but I can't even find that lost day in my journal. Weird. It must've been a "do nothing" day. Kind of like this day...

We had errands to run after breakfast. Boys needed their hair cut. Sam was NOT happy about it, but it got done.

Daddy's turn. He was much better--he wasn't forced to search for the red hippo on his cape so that the stylist could cut his hair, ha.

Ah, so handsome. Even when they don't want their picture taken.

We spent the rest of the morning running more errands. Sports store for a percolator (Russ broke the first coffee press, then I broke the second. D'oh.) and more camping supplies, and I wanted to look for some shoes like Russ's. Go figure I find the perfect ones and they don't have my size. Grrrr. But I DID find clearanced swim shirts for the kids--both originally $30, I got Sam's for $10 and Brooklyn's for $3! Woot!

Then we went back home for lunch and much needed naps. The kids weren't too keen on the nap part, but once Russ lay down with them, they decided it was a good idea. The slept until FIVE O'CLOCK! Guess they needed to make up some sleep...

After they woke up we decided to go for a walk. Russ walked along the levee that was just outside our campground yesterday, so we figured we'd give it a try. It was a good 3/4 - 1 full mile. And there were all sorts of creatures, including this dead, giant dragonfly.

And Sam was enchanted with all of the tractors there that were working on the levee (the same ones that wake me up at 6am...).

This is Russ's "senior portrait" against the levee. That was one long wall. And a HUGE door to shut it.

There were all sorts of creatures along the wall, trying to get to the other side. There were hundreds of dried up millipede bodies where they dried out. Sam had great fun both squashing them with his shoes and also picking them up for treasures. You can see the dead ones in his left hand and live in his right (obviously).

All of Sam's "treasures". Thank heavens he didn't have pockets...

This is RUSS holding this cricket. No joke, it was HUGE. At least 4" long.

Brooklyn nicknamed herself "the millipede mama" and saved over 100 "Millie's" as she called them. She would pick them up and take them back down near the creek so they wouldn't get scorched from the sun.

We made it to the end of the levee, this is looking back towards our campground (on the left of the levee),

The pup was happy. It was the coolest time we'd had since we got there.

Pretty sunset skies. We didn't made it back to the site until after dark, and I was literally covered in mosquito bites. Yuck.

It was time for bed. Russ usually either reads online stories or finds some that will play for them to listen to. They love it.

That's the end of our "lazy" day. Tomorrow we head to a new camp (sorry, I wrote yesterday that we were going today, but got my days mixed up)!

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