Saturday, September 10, 2011

Road Trip - Day 16

It was another lazy, but fun day at the Alderman's. It was Dawson's first day of pre-school, so we were all pretty excited (or not so excited, if you were Brooklyn...she spent the entire morning griping about how bored she was and asking when D was coming home).

The kids (and Heilo, their dog) had a blast running around outside in the sprinklers.

We did some more shopping during naptime, and then Sarah and David had been telling they'd make us sushi since we got there. And oh man...did they ever make sushi. I was super impressed. Not just at how easy it is, how relatively inexpensive it is, how much food you get and easy it is! Oh, and delicious. I don't think I can ever order a plate of sushi again without calculating the costs in my head. Ha!
The kids wound down. I love how they all huddle up together. For as much time as they all spent with each other, I was pretty impressed with how well everyone did. I knew they liked each other, I just didn't know if that would extend past the afternoon that we're used to spending together. Like I said though, they loved it...minus the occasional exception at bedtime (i.e. "That boy...and that girl...Mommy they are driving me CRAZY!!!!!" or "Miss Sarah...that music (some lovely spa-like, relaxation music) is giving me nightmares. And I'm AWAKE. NIGHTMARES. AWAKE.").

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