Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Road Trip - Day 13

Okay, getting WAY behind...but haven't had much for internet lately. Sorry!

So after an extremely fretful night of sleeping due to the impending tropical storm, the swarms of mosquitoes, and too much coffee too late in the day, we were all up at 6am, hoping that we wouldn't fing ourselves floating down the river.

Thankfully, everything was fine. Soaking wet, but fine. So we hurriedly dressed, ate, and broke down camp (seriously, we were in such a rush, I think Sarah thought a bunch of hobos showed up on her doorstep). We were on the road by 8am, headed for the Alderman's, just outside of Houston, Texas.

As it turned out, the storm had almost finished going over us through the night. However, we ended up having to drive BACK through it again. Ugh. I was SO glad I wasn't driving. Talk about stressful. Semi-trucks on your left and right, windshield wipers on Super High and you STILL can't see? Eek. Russ did awesome.

We made it to the Alderman's around 2pm, and boy were we happy to see them!!! And it wasn't just their soft beds, good food and real showers we were grateful for. I could not get enough of this...

Oh, and the kids had fun too. Seriously, the first day was all out playing. Wrestling, snuggling, chasing, more wrestling, Tag, games...adults, kids, dogs, everyone.

Oh, and did I mention the good eats?? Miss Sarah spoiled everyone.

Truly, fun and games all.day.long.

Oh how we've missed them!!

Not the most exciting post, but we were too busy playing to do much with the camera. Ha!

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