Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Road Trip - Day 15

We decided we'd better actually get the kids out of the house, so we piled into our vehicles and headed to the Houston Children's Museum. All in all, it was pretty awesome. Would have been a tad more awesome had it not been so busy, but I woudln't doubt if it was that busy all of the time. TONS of neat stuff!

I think Sarah's more excited about the phenomena of static than the kids are! Hehe.

Building atoms.

Anything even remotely relating to art, she is THERE.

I mean, look at this place. Isn't it awesome??

Dawson and Owen, rickshaw drivers.

I think the highlight of it all for Brooklyn was the face painting station. She said she wanted to be a dog, so after I did the spot on her eye and she saw other kids doing their own faces, she asked to do her own.

And David's never been one to turn down a good face painting.

The problem was that this stuff does not wash off.

So proud!

Brooklyn says, "Let me do yours, Momma." Okay. I asked her what it was after she drew the 3 black stripes, "It's a surprise." I really was surprised when she outlined a perfect start in bright yellow and then colored it in with an orange. A shooting star!! It was awesome!

Goodbye, Children's Museum!

So here's the story about the chocolate cake. When we were in podunkville, Louisiana getting groceries, we happened to walk past the cake mixes. Sam threw the biggest fit every when I told him he couldn't have a chocolate cake mix. The only way I got him to stop was to say that I'd bet Miss Sarah would make a chocolate cake with them. He was all smiles and giggles then.

So since the millisecond we got to their house, Brooklyn kept asking, "Can we make a chocolate cake now?!" And the other kids caught wind of it and even Owen had the "Cake?" down pat. We finally had a minute when everyone was in a good mood to make it. And mmmmmmm, was it delicious!

The weather there was AWESOME. Cool, with a breeze each morning and evening, so there was a LOT of this going on all day every day. In fact, Owen would just head out first thing in the morning and play for hours out there. It was so cute to look out and see him crusing around on his tractor, then loading it up and taking his load elsewhere and unloading. Note: Russ also wants one of these for his birthday. Ha!

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