Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Road Trip - Day 14

The kids all ended up sleeping in Dawson's room the first night--Dawson in his bed, and Brook and Sam in the other car bed. The kids had stayed up late and had played so hard, we'd hoped they would sleep in a bit.

Nope...here's Sam at 6am, having a special breakfast with Sarah.

The kids finally started waking up and Brooklyn asked to do some art (surprise, surprise...). Owen was in love with Brooklyn and would follow her and watch to see what he was doing. They were so danged cute together.
It was a pretty lazy morning...us adults didn't even think about getting dressed until 11am. While the kids had naps and quiet time, us mommas sneaked out for some quiet time of our own...hello shopping! I found my Nike Free Runs I'd been searching for for the past 3 states! Woot!

Russ had a fun time coming up with all sorts of different poses for Buzz to do each time the kids got tired of playing with him. Later he said, "Maybe we need a Buzz...you know, for the kids and all...." Ah boys.

I think for Russ's birthday, I'll be getting him a Buzz and a pair of these...he was obssessed with them. They make stars when you look at lights?? Kinda crazy.

Anyways...later that night we had dinner with a couple of other families--one we knew from NC and another we didn't know but really enjoyed getting to know. Lots of laughs and of course, delicious food.

Brooklyn remembered Sessa (her nickname) from NC and that she loved kids. Which is correct. After enough pleading, she asked if Brooklyn wanted her to paint her nails. You should have seen B's face light up. And THEN she let Brooklyn paint HER nails. You can bet it'll be a night that Brook will never forget.

Later that night, the boys walked to Brent's (Sessa's dad) house to put his media room to the test. We were afraid that they wouldn't come back...but not too worried, it didn't stop us from staying up until midnight chit-chatting, of course.

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