Saturday, September 10, 2011

Road Trip - Day 18

We were greeted with a flock of turkeys when we woke up. Of course Sam took care of them...sigh.

It was so chilly, I had to drag our "warm" clothes out--I brought each of us 1 pair of jeans and the kids 1 long-sleeve shirt. I completely forgot to grab their sweatshirts before we left NC. Poor Russ, I didn't even get him a long-sleeved shirt. It was still quite chilly, so we had nice hot rolled oats for breakfast. Mmmm.

We hit the road bright and early for the 6+ hour drive to Carlsbad. We had to stop for gas (and ice cream...) and I had to take a photo of the "river". We'd seen many "rivers" and nearly all of them were bone dry. Pretty crazy.

I had to stop at the World's Largest Road Runner in Fort Stockton, TX. Do you see me??

After being in the car for hours and hours we had to stop at this random historical marker. I have no idea what the sign says, but we all had to pee so bad and hadn't seen a place to stop in forever that we all had a pee break and needed to stretch.

We did some races--fastest jumper, sprinter, spinner, etc.

We finally got to Brantley Lake State Park. Not much of a campground, but Russ and the kids hiked down to the "lake" (darned drought!), and tested to see if rocks still splashed just the same as all the other lakes we've tried.

There was a great sunset though.

Here's our campground. Despite the shrubbery, it was quite desolate. Which is fine, I mean, we were in the desert and all. And the cool evening was really nice. But we realize that we do like our trees. Preferably the ones without thorns...

The kids definitely needed to stretch their legs, so we chose a site close to the playground. Both for their sanity...and ours.

See? Gorgeous. The photo doesn't do it justice whatsoever.

What a boring day. Ha! That's okay though, we all need them now and then.

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