Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Trip to Washington (March)

In March, I decided it was time to take a trip to Washington.  I had a brand new niece, another niece that I hadn't even met yet, and a sister leaving for an LDS mission.  It was time.

I'll leave out all of the travel drama (UGH) and skip to the good stuff!
We went over to visit Chris, Audrey, and Kali in Ephrata.
I was so excited to meet Kali!  And she's everything I'd dreamed of.  I would have packed her up and brought her home with me if she didn't love her Momma and Daddy so much...
I wasn't the only one who loved her...Sam loves babies.  He kept saying, "Kali is going to love me!"

I laugh every time I see these photos.  They way I am holding her, you'd think I'd never held a baby before!  Why didn't I get a photo of me smothering her like I was every other moment?!

Mommy Love!

Sam was doing his thing, making that baby giggle.

Sigh, a big Thank You to Uncle Chris who taught Brooklyn how to snap a towel.
I was purposefully avoiding that little trick, thankyouverymuch!!

Then she couldn't get it and got frustrated and resulted to flinging it every way she could.

Uncle West snuggles!

After we left Chris & Audrey's, West took the kids and I to Wal-Mart for a secret mission.  We got weapons, ammo, snacks, etc.
(Everything we need for an all-night Minecrafting session!)

The kids were in heaven.

The next day, we had the now-traditional Birthday Party.
Pretty much anyone having a birthday anytime close to when we're there is celebrated.  Plus Brook and Sam, regardless of when said Birthday Party is, ha.
And of course there always has to be a pinata.  Brook helped stuff it.
I didn't get any photos of the breaking of the pinata because I couldn't stop taking videos of it!  I was dying, it was SO funny!  Unfortunately, I cannot find said videos ANYWHERE. 

Happy birthday to All!

Presents time!  This was a good one, Bubs found giant "diamonds" (they really look like diamonds).  In Minecraft, diamonds are the cat's meow, so they were beyond thrilled to get their own diamonds.

More party guests!
Kali wants a fist bump, yo.

There was also a baby shower for Dene' and baby Jordyn.
Jackson wants to help Mimi wrap presents...

...and Kali just wants to steal the wrapping paper from Jackson.

Hello sweet Jordyn!!!  Auntie Trista loves you!!

Two gorgeous girlies!

The shower was a lot of fun.  Lots of games and even more giggles.

(Sidenote:  Jackson did not take this hat off for the rest of the day.  And yes, it is size Newborn.)

Daddy smiles!


Seriously!  How gorgeous is she?!

The following day was Shelan's mission farewell.  So she spoke at church and my family had a big get-together afterwards.

I've titled this photo:

Lybbert Chicks.

I laughed at this photo when I looked at it closer.  It's really quite funny if you click on it and make it bigger.
I documented it because Todd went to McDonalds and brought back EIGHT (right?!) large fries for everyone to munch on.  Ha!

Cousin love.
(I also have a photo just like this of Sam and Jackson!)

We decided it was time for some family photos.

Jackson and Kali wrestling.
They are quite the funny pair.

Big brother Jackson with little sissy Jordyn!

The Lybbert Clan...getting bigger by the year!
(Minus Kenny and Russ)

Aaaand a more "normal" Lybbert photo.

And yet another.

Yup, another.

Mimi/Grammie and Papa/Grandpa Scott and grandbabies!

P.S.  Sorry some of these aren't very sharp, this lens is failing me and I've since switched to a different, much sharper one.


To finish it all up, Grammie had stuff for the kids to make bunny racers.
It was late and Brook wouldn't even look at me, but the bunny has been documented!
And yes, that is a tattoo across her face.  I love that they are even in the family photos.

Until next time, Washington!
Peace out!

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  1. LOVE the pics and your narrative! Cannot wait for the next visit! :)