Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Life in the Wild West.

Why HELLOOOOOO there!!
Does anybody care to guess when these photos were taken??
Well, at least it was this year.  Sigh.
Forgive me, it's been a struggle.
I had to get all of my photos in one place (which was not an easy feat!).  Then I had to move.  Then we had to wait for the internet to be connected (an entire MONTH!).  Then I had to re-teach myself some basic Photoshop stuffs and just these photos took me all day. 
Alas, here they are.
Groupon had a half-off deal for the Wildlife West park in Edgewood (over the mountain), so one gloomy (cold!) weekend afternoon we ventured out.
And we owned the entire park.

The "aviary" area.

 The park takes in injured wild animals, wild animals that people have kept as pets, etc.
These guys had been pets, can you tell??

My handsome dude.

Red wolves.

Cougar!  I mean mountain lion!  I mean puma!
Ah, forget it, oh look!  He's smiling!

This guy was crazy friendly.  Scarily so, given that his antlers came poking through the top when he tried to eat something outside of the fence.

This was Brooklyn's favorite creature.  A sweet little fox.  Don't you just wish he was curled up on your lap?  He'd keep you so warm and toasty.

This was the last exhibit, and almost all of our favorite.
His name was Wile E and had quite obviously been a pet previously.
He was only about 4 months old or so.

He looooved to be pet (and he was so soft!).

We chose this moment to eat our snacks... "Hey, where's mine?"

How sweet is he?!

We got snow a handful of times this winter, but it had been awhile.
"Can I throw snow balls at this sign???"

We finished up the chilly tour at the caboose on the hill.

But Brooklyn needed to look for that buck one last time, hey, there he IS!!
(We looked and looked when we first came in, so she was so excited that he was so close.)

REALLY going to try and get my butt back into blogging.  So much to catch you all up on!!
Until next time!
(Let's hope it's not another 6 months...eek.)


  1. Love the pic of the kids and the umm.. wild cat?? ;)

  2. It's great to read you again and see those great photos of yours. You should post them bigger on the blog so we can truly admire your great work!

  3. Ooh, wild cat, I'll add that one to the list, Sarah! :)

    Thanks Catherine, it means a lot coming from you, I adore your gorgeous artwork! And I have to laugh because when I uploaded these yesterday I thought, 'I really need to make these photos bigger, grandparents are going to complain...' Hehe.