Monday, July 15, 2013

March Finished!

Shew!  Got all of my photos to date edited yesterday, now to blog them all...eep!
Guess I'd better finish off March.  Baby steps, right?
For Christmas, Sam got Brooklyn some Nerf guns that are awesome.  We would save up all of our cans just for the purpose of building towers to shoot down.

Brooklyn turned 7!!  We spent the morning kicking balloons, drawing faces on each of them, and shooting them with Nerf guns.

She was so giddy, I couldn't get her to look at the camera, ha.

My little birdies, in their nest.  This is actually how Brooklyn likes to sleep, in a nest.

We finished March up with an Easter egg hunt at our friends', the Eddy's house.
Brook and Sam with Noah (Sam's best friend, in the blue shirt in back) and Noah's cousins.
They were impatient and ready to get started!!

There was like 20 eggs for each kid plus they each got to find a big egg, which had $1 or so in quarters, and then there was a big shiny red one with $5.
"Brooklyn, it's Right.THERE!"

Someone did not sleep so well the previous night and was super frustrated that she couldn't find them as fast as she would have liked.  Plus, she ended up only finding 15 or so.  The final egg to not be found (except for that pesky blue #7 egg, which was finally found a couple of weeks later) was the $5 one.  So everyone looked for it (hehe, I did a good job hiding it!) and helped steer Brook in that direction.

Sam and Noah, on the hunt!

Russ decided to jump in too...

Coming in to tally up their loot.

LOTS of candy!  Sam was so sweet--he knew the peanut butter cups were a hot commodity and he got like 15 of them, so he went around and gave ALL of his to everyone else.

Later that week we watched Noah, since he didn't have school.  There is no separating these two--both have asked to live at each other's houses!  So happy that they've been able to find each other (and it doesn't hurt that Russ and I really love hanging out with Noah's parents!  They enjoy a lot of the same things we do and end up hanging out at least once a week usually, which is fun.  Even Brooklyn enjoys it, which is nice.)

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