Monday, July 29, 2013

DITL - July 2013!!

Someone, somewhere was asking about what a typical unschooling day (is there such a thing?!) looks like, which reminded me of my Day In The Life's!

This DITL is actually a bit abnormal since we usually are homebodies, but Russ was leaving for 5+ days (and taking the van) and we needed to stock up on groceries, etc. before he left.

Okay, I'm up at 6:30, like normal.  I would like to sleep in a bit more, but the sunshine absolutely assaults our room in the mornings, which I love.
Besides, the house is so quiet and calm.  There's a breeze blowing through the house (we don't have air conditioning, so rely on the cool nights to cool our house down each night.  Thus far, we've only had a 3-day hot spell that we had a tough time handling), the pines smell delicious, the sun is streaming through the windows...I love it.

Time to grab some tea, check the email, check the Quicken, make the To Do list...

...get my compadre up and at 'em...

...feed the chicks, er, creepy teenage chickens...

...tuck all of the tomatoes into their cages and pinch off suckers...

Yay!  Squash blossoms!

And lavender!  We were happy to find that it does fantastic here!

...and...a hole.

Do some priming on Brooklyn's climbing wall on the fort.

Clean up the wall in the laundry room in preparation for our new chest freezer!
We will have almost 100 pounds of chicken to store in a few weeks...

Good morning, sweet boy!

First things first, "Mom?  Can I have some gum?"

What's a mom to do?  He's going to do it even if I say no.  Even if I say, "That wall is turning black from your feet!" or "But I'm afraid you'll kill yourself!"
Yes, a compromise is better.
"Can we stay from here to halfway?  Yes?  Fantastic."
I can deal with a black wall.

I never posted a photo of my first woodworking project!
Here's my end table made from 2x4s.

We've been working on cleaning up the trees on our property, and are accumulating a nice little wood pile.  Oddly enough, there is a creature of some sort that lives in here that sounds exactly like a slime sounds on Minecraft.  It's quite hilarious.

Sam asks for some blueberries and to watch Kratt Brothers and for a warm blanket.
I deliver and hang the laundry.

Then decide it is time to actually finish the table that we started refinishing almost 6 months ago.

A quick load of dishes.

We are headed into town and are stopping by Home Depot.  This always gets my wheels cranking.
I really want some very specific built-ins on this wall of the living room upstairs...

...buuuut in all reality, Russ will be bringing back boxes and boxes and boxes of toys and books from CA and THIS is the wall that needs the storage.
Thinking I want to build some cabinets with shelves to the ceiling.
Then I crunched the numbers.'s going to have to wait.

Sam says, "Can I have something?"
"Um, yes.  What kind of something?"
"Uh, Daddy's things."
"What Daddy's things?"
"...can we open all of the cabinets?  I need to find them."

Ah, Oreos!
So an Oreo and bowl of applesauce for breakfast for the boy.

And my normal eggs, tomatoes, avocado and cheese (this was homemade by our friends the day before!).  YUM.

"Mom, want to watch Kratts with me?  Oh, nevermind, Maddie is calling me."

Good morning, Brooklyn!  ...and Maddie!

While there is Minecrafting going on all around me, I listen to The Bachelorette while figuring out food storage.  SO excited to actually have room to store it all!!!

And we head out.
First stop?  Xtreme Hang-Time.

This photo makes me so sad.
Both were so tired and just wanted to be home.
Truth be told, I did too.  But we needed groceries and supplies and had to pick up auction winnings.
Poor babes.

Got project supplies for the long weekend.

"Mom, what does this say?"

This is Brooklyn's sarcastic "Oh yay, I love Sprouts..." look.

Brook took control of the camera in Sprouts.
I forgot to put it on Auto for her.  Whoops!

Xtreme Hang-Time.
Auction place.
Home Depot.
Can we go home now?!

Ahh...almost there.

Finally!  Our safe haven.

A snacky dinner is requested.

Daddy's home!!
With a giant freezer!! 
And even better, a giant box!!!

Isn't she pretty??  And we got her from Sears for half off!  Yeah!
Cannot wait to fill her with delicious things!

We were all a bit grumpy from a long day, so we all ended up heading to bed shortly after.

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