Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Back in January, the kids and I decided to hop in the car and do the 13 hour road trip to visit Sarah and her boys in Texas.  We'd been doing 15 hour road trips to Washington, so why not Texas?
For one, this drive is SUPER boring.  You get to drive through Amarillo and Fort Worth (although when you do it at rush hour, "get" becomes "freaking have to"), but other than that there is NOTHING in-between.  Read my lips:  N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

But it was worth it, especially to meet the new Alderman, who cheerfully greeted us the following morning (although it seemed as though this kid doesn't know how NOT to do anything cheerfully!  That smile is nearly permanently pasted on his sweet little chubby face!).
Meet Butterbean.
(AKA - Weston, which I heard him called maybe 5 times the entire time we were there, hehe)

Sam was up early, and it was good because that boy loves babies.  And they love him.
In fact, weeks after we returned home he was still singing (in tune to the Mission: Impossible theme song), "Butterbean, Butterbean, Butter."

Then Sam and Owen reunited and bonded over torturing Heilo.

Playing "There's A Monster At The Bottom Of The Stairs" Game.
Yes, I am the monster.

Time for a diaper change, also a perfect time for our first Bean photo shoot!

Weston also loved Brooklyn (who doesn't this kid love!?).

Owie wanted in on the photography action.

Never a dull moment at the Alderman's!  Sarah is exceptionally skilled at multi-tastking.

There was a LOT of playing.
Brooklyn was putting on a Flying Turtle show.

A bit of down time for Owie before jumping into the chaos again.

Sir Dawson awakens!

More play.

Quiet, individual play.

Aaaaand another photo shoot!
"Gasp!  Not another!"

"Hey ladies...check out these rolls."

So kissable!

And just downright giddy.

Time for more play!

And outside play!

Heilo, giving Owen plenty of space to slap those sticky bubbles.

Puppy play time!!  Collars for everyone!

We weren't sure whether Sam would get along better with Dawson or Owen.  He played with both, but quickly bonded with Dawson.  Check out these two...can you imagine them in 10 years?!
Yeah, me too...eep!

Owen, having Owie-Time.  Loading up his tractor with rocks...while David zip ties the back gate closed.  Oh Owie...

Chow Time!

And yes, More Play.

More. Dogs.
Wait!  Something new!  Raleigh is here with Izzy!!
Quick, everyone run around the ottoman 30 times!

Brooklyn was one happy girl to see Izzy again!  She asks about her at least once a month, even now that we have Brin (more on him later).  It's true though, she is a very loved and missed pup.


I was surprised how drawn to Izzy Sam was.  Last time he saw her, he was 3.
He'd occasionally walk by her and lay down and squeeze her, or snuggle with her...

...or balance things on her head, ha.

Bean loves her too!

Alright, enough of that, back to PLAY!

 And we finished up the week with one last Bean photo shoot!
Beware:  Extremely cute rolls ahead.

 "What?  There's something on my face?  Where?"

"You ladies can't handle these rolls."

So sweet!

 "Here's the plan.  We get the warhead and we hold the world ransom for...ONE MEEELLION DOLLARS!"

Mr. Handsome.

 Thanks for the crazy, fun times, Aldermans!  The kids have been asking when we're heading back...beware.  Haha.


  1. Oh my sweet friend, I love these memories <3 Need to make some again very soon!!

  2. Wow, Trista! The photos from the photoshoot are totally awesome! What a great photographer you are! I love the post editing you did too!